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“BRAINCHAINS. Discover your brain and unleash its full potential in a hyperconnected multitasking world”

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"How to Unchain Your Brain"

If you do not have time to read a comprehensive book, you may want to read the minimum you need to know about your brain to be more intellectually productive: a compact version of 50 pages, 1 subject/page, 250 words/page and 50 illustrations.


How to Design Brain-friendly Offices

A book for written for the hundreds of professionals in my workshops and presentations who complain that the worst influence on their intellectual productivity is their open office. 

This a little book for the executives who are responsible for designing, building and renting of offices, for architects and for employees who want to mobilize people to re-design your office.


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3 Myths about Artificial Intelligence, the Human Brain and Autonomous Cars: Why we will not see a real autonomous car in the foreseeable future

This book compares the abilities and limits of a human brain with artificial intelligence. To learn  how the human brain works and to make the differences much easier to understand the author uses the example of a human being driving a car and an autonomous car.

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Translations of Brainchains 

"Ontketen je brein.

Hoe hyperconnectiviteit en multitasking je hersenen gijzelen en hoe je eraan kan ontsnappen" Uitg Lannoo.

"Zo haal je meer uit je brein"

“Мозг освобожденный” 

Тео Компернолле 

Альпина Паблишер Москва



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 STRESS: FRIEND AND FOE : sold out. Third and total revision in the making.

Easily readable and thorough at the same time.

The Dutch version was a bestseller in its category and became a longseller: now in its 12th edition.

The first part explains what stress is, what it does to you physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually.

The second part explains how to manage your stress better, cope better with your own stress and the stress of others.

Synergo ISBN 90 209 3928 9


SOLD OUT. 3d revision/update expected Q1 2020

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