Corporate Brain Disorder: Answers

These are averages of the answers found in my own research and the research of many others:

    • ± 65% think that senior managers and staff do not trust each other
    • ± 60% find that they get insufficient information to do their work well
    • ± 55% find that the quality of that information deteriorates rather than improves
    • less than 50% find that the collective knowledge in the company is well exploited
    • ± 11% of the managers think that they have an inspiring boss
    • ± 60-70% find that their boss is the most important source of stress
    • ± 46% of the managers themselves find that they do not do their very best
    • ± 64% of the managers find no challenge in their work
    • ± 23% of the managers are very satisfied with their work

Hence, are our companies ready to manage the Brainworkers of 21ste century ?

No. They suffer from “Corporate Brain Disorder” a debilitating disease whose symptoms, causes, prevention and cure we will discuss in an entertaining way..