Executive team development


Together, we develop a custom-made program:

  • That first and foremost fits your strategic agenda. We try to answer your question: "What knowledge and skills do you need as a team to realize your strategy?"
  • That fits your leadership agenda and your market context
  • To deliver specific business objectives and create visible outcomes
  • Preferably in a long term relationship, continuously evolving with the development and changing needs of you, your team, your company

My major USP’s

1. investing much more time in customization (no plug and play as some B-schools do)

2. in my selection of faculty I am not limited to one B-school or organization. I can cherry-pick the best faculty from all over the world, to answer the specific needs of the client

3. Since I have no more B-school or University obligations, I usually can move fast

The average "fast track" approach includes: needs assessment (1-2 days), custom design (2-3 days), scout and engage faculty (2-3 weeks), prepare faculty (1/2 day each), deliver and facilitate the program (2-5 days), follow up session and planning the way forward (1 day).

Using an integrated approach:

  • Developing strategy and organization while building the team
  • Creating a learning approach while building corporate culture: common language, shared knowledge
  • Learning hard skills while developing the soft ones
  • Strengthening the executive team while involving the next level
  • Developing a custom made program while offering individual experiences at different business schools

We develop the Executive Team members and their mutual relationships while they are doing their job

  • Primarily and preferably by real time collaboration on chosen subjects
  • Secondly by individual coaching and team-coaching
  • By looking for programs at business schools to answer members specific individual development needs

Stimulating a continuous process of insight, reflection, and action

  • Significantly impacting leadership behaviour
  • Combining culture building, customer connected activities and fun with hard work

Using an action learning approach, through:

  • The full integration of the executive development activity into the strategic, organisational development of the organisation and the personal development of the team
  • "Real time" work on your business agenda, supported and inspired by a broader learning agenda

The learning journey starts at Executive Team level, but the team is stimulated to keep other levels in mind and develop ways to ensure all parties remain involved

I partner with experts and leading international faculty from business schools such as Harvard, Wharton, MIT, INSEAD, IMD, IESE, LBS, Ashridge, TIAS, Solvay etc… etc…

In the past I have collaborated with specialists like:

  • Prof.P.Verdin (Strategy INSEAD),
  • Prof Peter Cappelli (HR. Wharton),
  • Prof James Teboul (Operations. Independent Consultant, ex-INSEAD),
  • Prof John Weeks (then INSEAD, now IMD),
  • Susan Schneider (Cultural Differences. HEC Zurich),
  • Elisabeth Lank (Knowledge Management, Independent Consultant),
  • Prof Frederico Sabria (Production and Operations, IESE),
  • Prof Peter Williamson (International Operations and Asian Business),
  • Prof Joseph Valor (Strategy and information systems, IESE),
  • Prof Ramon O’Callaghan (Information Systems Management, TIAS)
  • And many more eminent scholars and theorists, with broad business and consulting experience and the ability to captivate and passionate a group