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* Independent international consultant, executive (team)coach, trainer and key-note speaker
* Adjunct Professor at the CEDEP European Centre for Executive Development.
* Designer and facilitator of executive development programs 
* Lecturer and coach at business schools in Belgium, the Netherlands and France
* Medical doctor, neuropsychiatrist
* Author of several books such as "Stress: Friend and Foe" and most recently of "BrainChains"; translated in Dutch, Russian and Chinese.

* Formerly Suez Chair in Leadership and Personal Development at the Solvay Business school, Adjunct Professor at INSEAD, Visiting Professor at the Vlerick School for Management and TIAS, Professor at the Free University of Amsterdam, department head at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, fellow at the University of Pennsylvania, resident at the Universities of Leiden and Amsterdam.

What can I do for you?

Inspire and help you to become a better manager, a better leader, a better team, especially in times of change, downturn, insecurity, stress and turmoil.>>more

  • as a Board Advisor >>more 
  • as an Executive (Team)Coach >>more 
  • as a Consultant >>more 
  • as a Program Designer and Facilitator >more 
  • as a Teacher/Trainer >>more 
  • as a Keynote/Motivational Speaker >>more 
  • as a Coach for Families with a Business >>more

If you have no time to read a comprehensive book,

read the minimum

Brief and crisp summary of “BrainChains”. The minimum you need to know about your brain, to get the best from your brain and your technology. Only 50 pages. Only 250 words/page. 1 subject/page. 50 illustrations

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Nederlandse versie: Managementboek.nl bij https://goo.gl/inFJQv

What motivates me ?

>Driven by curiosity: especially about the modern brainworkers, their intellectual productivity, their life balance, their personalities, their brains, their leaders and their companies.
>Passionate about simplicity: burning the midnight oil to get to the essence of what I learn from research and conversations.
>Zealous about teaching; transmitting my knowledge in a simple, but not simplistic, lasting and useful way to professionals, students and the public at large.

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