Ed Hite

Photo of Ed Hite, guitarist

Ed Hite's musical journey began in Santa Maria, CA where, as a child, he started on the accordion. Devotion to guitar came during his early teen years, after listening to Andres Segovia and Chet Atkins. Ed's first guitar teacher, Rex Gallion, was responsible for his love of jazz after an audio introduction to a Joe Pass/Herb Ellis duet. Says Ed: "I have had the privilege and great honor of taking lessons from local guitarists Rex and Von Gallion (they both gave me a strong musical foundation in which to work with), jazz guitarists Ron Anthony, John Collins, Alan deMause, Peter Sprague, Bill Thrasher and vibraphonist Charlie Shoemake."

Ed has played in solo, duo, trio and quartet settings, his favorite of which is the Eloquent Quarter Jazz Quartet. Additionally he has recorded for the Pacific Conservatory of Performing Arts (PCPA), as well as performed in orchestras and numerous big bands, including (of course) Central City Swing.

Ed's thoughts: "I sincerely hope, that in some small way, I can continue to encourage the study of and appreciation for jazz as a viable art form."