Evaluation Process Working Committee

As part of our contract, the charge of this committee is to advise the CEA and Superintendent on the processes and procedures of the evaluation system and recommend improvements.

Evaluation Process Working Committee is:
Barbara Allen, Co Chair and Executive Director of Human Resources
Dan Monahan, Co Chair and CEA President
Julie Craven, Head of School, Rindge Ave Upper School
Jesse Kaplan, Special Educator, CRLS
Brendan Kells, History Teacher, CRLS
Lisa Scolaro, K-12 Science Coordinator
Carolyn Turk, Deputy Superintendent
Darrell WillIams, Principal, King Open School

1.     H-1.  The Evaluation Process Working Committee shall be co-chaired by the CPS Executive Director of Human Resources and the President of the CTA. In addition, the working committee shall be comprised of three (3) other Units A&B members who shall be elected by the members of Units A&B or appointed by the CTA President and three principals or administrators appointed by the Superintendent. The working committee shall be in place for the duration of the 2009-2012 contract.

2.     H-2.  The Evaluation Process Working Committee shall advise the Superintendent and the CTA on evaluation procedures with an eye towards making improvements, as necessary, that lead towards quality teaching and learning. The working committee will work on the development of new evaluation forms for positions without existing, appropriate evaluation tools, including but not limited to, school psychologists, social workers and related service providers. The Evaluation Process Working Committee shall make recommendations to the Superintendent on procedures and standards as set forth in Appendix D and new evaluation forms, but adoption of the same is subject to the action of the School Committee. The School Committee shall seek a public hearing for comment on teacher performance standards in accordance with the provisions of M.G.L.c. 71, §38.