CEA Unit A/B Evaluation System Overview

This website is an interpretation of Appendix D of the Unit A/B contract.  The contents of this website are not legally binding and hence not eligible for use it a grievance or failure to represent case.  The actual contract language is available on the Actual Documents page.  In addition, the CEA has written a series of memos which contain much of the same information as this website.  They are all available on the Evaluations Memos page.

Here is the 2023-24 Evaluations Timeline.

The contract does not outline every detail of the process, so those details may vary by evaluator. However, the contract does describe the most critical parts of the process. This website describes what is in the contract. Anything on the website is what was agreed to, so this is the process that must be followed. If you have questions about your specific process, please contact your CEA representative or any CEA Officer who can either answer your question or get you additional supports.

Also included is CEA Guidance, indicated by italics. These are CEA recommendations to educators, administrators and their evaluators about implementation to maximize the potential for educator and administrator professional growth and streamlining the process.

For the purposes of this website:

• The word "educator" refers to educators and administrators unless specific mention is made of administrators. This generally means the person being evaluated.

• The word "evaluator" is used any time the person referred to is the evaluator.

1. Educator Plans

2. Self Assessment and Goal Proposal

3. Goal Setting and Plan Design

4. Evidence Collection

5. Assessment and Evaluation

6. Rating Impact on Student Learning

The 5 Step Evaluation Cycle