Running Events

This page is currently being constructed but will contain advice, resources and links to other resources to help those who are hosting events and specifically schools team racing.

Standard Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions should be obtained from UKTRA

Suggested changes to NoR - items in italics require completion/adjustment:

1 . Organising Authority

1.1. The Organising Authority is SCHOOL with the endorsement of SAILING CLUB and BSDRA.

1 0 . Damage

10.1. No damage deposit from BSDRA Member Organisations is payable on entry. Appendix A of the NoR applies and creates a binding contract between the team, their Member Organisation and the Organising Authority. If a team fails to comply with Appendix A of the NoR or any direction issued to them by the Organising Authority, they may be disqualified from the Championships without a hearing. This changes rule RRS 63.1.

10.2. Teams accepted at the discretion of the OA under NoR4.2 who are not members of the BSDRA or not a school will be required to provide a damage deposit of £300 per team. Any damage to the supplied boats while in the care of a competitor shall be deducted from this deposit. In the event that a deduction from the damage deposit is decided by the O.A., it may require the deposit be restored to its original amount before the team will be permitted to continue in the event.

Appendix A

BSDRA does not require teams to lodge damage deposits prior to racing. This is because of the increasing difficulties in issuing cheques. The following system will therefore apply. By entering the Championships, teams and Member Organisations expressly agree to follow and comply with this system without delay or dispute. A failure to comply with an instruction or notice issued under this Appendix may result in disqualification from the Championships without a hearing. This changes RRS 63.1.

A.1. Each team is liable for up to £300 of damage costs per racing incident.

A.2. Any decision on liability or the quantum of any damage is solely for the Organising Authority to determine. The decision of the Organising Authority is final and teams and competitors agree to accept it without dispute.

A.3. In the event that a team is assessed liable for damage costs, and these are not paid at the event, BSDRA will issue a damage notice and invoice to the Member Organisation. Invoices must be paid (without set off or deduction) within 14 days unless an extension is agreed with the Organising Authority.

A.4. In the event of damage occurring, the Race Committee may require a payment from the team at the event to be made towards the damage costs. Teams shall make any such payment when required to do so.

A.5. Failure to comply with a damage notice within 14 days (or any extension period) is a breach of this Appendix and the Organising Authority may

(a) disqualify the team in question without a hearing;

(b) disqualify any other teams from that relevant Member Organisation without a hearing;

(c) re-allocate any qualification places immediately to other teams.

A.6. The Organising Authority may amend or cancel a damage notice at any time and may reinstate a team disqualified.

A.7. Teams must also be aware that if a damage notice is not complied with, the Member Organisation in question will not be in good standing with BSDRA and will have its membership rights (including the right to compete at BSDRA events) suspended.

The BSDRA Committee wishes to make clear that any failure to comply with the damage system will be regarded extremely seriously by the Committee. This system is used to help Member Organisations and the increasing difficulty of obtaining deposits from their finance departments.

If the trust involved in this system is abused, the Committee will take the necessary action to exclude the offending organisation from future participation until all debts are paid.


Here are some questions that you should be able to answer:

  • Who is taking the entry fees? They will be seen as the event organiser and responsible for ensuring appropriate liability insurance is in place
  • Who is covering the Public liability? This should cover the site, water, equipment, boats and visitors who are involved in running the event (this could be other school staff or volunteers)
  • Who is covering the Damage, Fire, Theft risk on the boats during transport, ashore and whilst sailing
  • Who is covering the liability risk of the sailors colliding boats? This is not just damage to boats, but damage to the sailors or other equipment/fixed items such as pontoons.

You may find with boat insurance the boat can only be insured by the owner, however this may not cover other people not under direct control of the owner sailing the boat. You may need insurance to cover the actions of the sailors.

Schools may find that their general school policy covers most of these items as your school may already host other sports fixtures and cover many of the liability risks. Be sure to check that this includes sailing as it can be listed as an exclusion.

You may be able to enter into a contract with your sailing club/training centre such that they are able to insure some of the risks, for example they could manage the boats and then hire them to you/the event with appropriate insurance.

Please don't forget that you need to ensure that external volunteers are covered e.g. race management, umpires etc - whilst the RYA provide appointed officials with cover incase other policies fail to pay, one of the conditions of this is that there is insurance in place and does not apply if there was no policy.

Do not assume that all volunteers will be from schools and therefore insured by their employer, some may be from other organisations and whilst they are volunteering at your event you can be seen as their employer.

If you are struggling to obtain insurance for an event, it may be possible for BSDRA to extend it's policy to cover both liability and boats. The event organiser will be responsible for paying this before the event and needs to be agreed in good time.