2005 Season

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Tue 1st March 2005 at Burghfield Sailing Club, Theale Lake, Reading


• Sat 23 April

BSDRA Midlands Fleet Racing Championship (Prism Trophy), at Oxford SC (Farmoor)

contact John Wylie, Radley College, Abingdon

30 entries (wind light and damp) Range: Optimist to 29er, which gave some problems!

Results 1: (420) M Stanley & S Weguelin, Abingdon College 2: (420) Radley & Abingdon Coll.

3: (29er) G and J Hall, Magdalen College School 4: (Optimist) Abingdon 5: (420) Sedbergh

6: (420) Rugby 7: (Laser 4.7) Radley 8: (Laser) Fitzharry's 9: (420) Rye St Anthony

Also competed: Bradfield, Harrow, Rugby St Edwards, Sedbergh

• Thu 28th April

BSDRA South East Team Racing Championship (The Hoad Shield), at Bough Beech SC

contact Keith Sammons, Tonbridge

Fifteen teams attended this year's event. The conditions were overcast, cool but breezy. Using Sevenoaks Schools fleet of 18 Fireflies, the teams were divided into three leagues each sailing a round robin. Sevenoaks"B", Radley and Tonbridge emerged as the winners of the leagues and then went on to face the winner of a mini league of those finishing 2nd, Sevenoaks "C" .

While racing continued for remaining 9 teams, the top four teams battled it out in a Round Robin, with Sevenoaks "B" emerging the eventual winner with 3 straight wins. Tonbridge, Radley and Sevenoaks"C" all took races off each other in some very close racing. A demanding day with it fair share of capsizes saw the teams gaining hugely in confidence. As usual the help of the many staff involved made what could have been a difficult day great fun for all who attended.

Results 1: Sevenoaks B 2: Tonbridge 3: Radley 4: Sevenoaks C 5: Norwich 6: Haileybury

7: Charterhouse 8: Kings Canterbury A 9=: Harrow/Kings Canterbury B 11: Wellington,

12=: City of London/Dover 14: Aldenham 15: Lancing. Ran from 12 until 7.30!

• Sat 30 April

BSDRA Thames Valley Team Racing Championship, at Broxbourne SC

contact: Alex Phillips, Haileybury

Despite failing wind conditions the first round and a half were sailed competitively before we had to call things off. The atmosphere was excellent and all pupils competed in a good spirit.

Results:1: Sevenoaks, 2: Aldenham (Thames Valley Winner), 3: Haileybury, 4: Eton,

5: Wellington (Plate Winner), 6: Merchant Taylors, 7: Brentwood, 8: City of London

BSDRA Northern Team Racing Championship, at Killington Lake

contact: Myles Ripley, Sedbergh

Sad to relate, the event petered out after only 5 of the scheduled 12 races - since the 5th race took just under an hour of drifting, you can understand..... conveniently amongst the area teams, MTS Crosby had beaten both other

regional teams, Sedbergh and Windermere St Annes so they were deemed regional champions. We were very grateful to John Wylie for bringing a team from Radley - sadly only 3 races for 8 hours driving.

• Sat 7th May

BSDRA East Kent Team Racing Championship, at Westbere SC

contact: Richard Maltby, Kings School, Canterbury

This was the third BSDRA EK Championship hosted by King's. The event was set up to encourage sailing among East Kent schools, but we are pleased to accommodate entries from West of the Medway if numbers permit. Given just one fleet of six 420s we are at present a little limited in the number of schools that we can take, but this year we had entries from Dover College, Bordern GS Sittingbourne, King's Canterbury 1 and 2, and Sevenoaks U 15.

The Umpire, John Weavers, is RYA East Kent coach.

In Force 6 squally winds conditions were on the brink of viability as the"Westbere triangle", as it was appropriately named by a visiting Sevenoaks parent, took its toll. However, we completed a full cycle of races and, at the conclusion, John Weavers congratulated all the teams upon some excellent sailing.

The results:

1: King's 1 (W4), 2: Sevenoaks U 15 (W3), 3: Bordern GS (W2), 4: King's 2 (W1), 5: Dover College

For the young Sevenoaks team this was a very pleasing result in their sailed their first competitive event.

My thanks to all tems and helpers, especially Nick Lockhart of Dover College. I am trying to get other EK schools involved - given the sailing clubs around the Kent coast there really ought to be more school / youth teams. We look forward to next year's event, for which I have already received an entry from Tonbridge. In the meantime I must get on with the repairs !

• Sat 14th May

BSDRA Eastern Team Racing Championship, at Middle Nene SC

contact Douglas Butler, Oundle

A very breezy start (blasting 20-24 knots from the NE) gave the 12 teams some hairy action, and the need for some fast repairs from Mike Machonochie to keep everyone afloat (Mike is sadly in his final term at Oundle). The conditions forced a late start, and occasional gear failure meant Richard Atkins' ambitious schedule of 57 races had to be curtailed. Hosts Oundle-A dominated the round-robin, emerging unscathed, but were unlucky in the semi-finals against Norwich, who sailed well and went on to beat Greshams in an all-Norfolk final.

Results 1: Norwich, 2: Greshams, 3= Oundle A, Sevenoaks. Also taking part: Northamptonshire Youth Squad, Haileybury, Oundle B, Rugby, Stowe, Tonbridge, Uppingham A and B.

BSDRA Midlands Team Racing Championship, at Oxford SC (Farmoor)

contact John Wylie, Radley College, Abingdon

Same day as Easterns: pretty windy again, but far less than at Middle Nene. 4 leagues of 4.

Repechages: Abingdon bt Wellington; St H bt Sedbergh; Harrow bt Aldenham; Tonbridge bt MCS B

Mini leagues: Radley A, Sevenoaks, St H (in order); Canford A, Abingdon MCS A; Canford B, Radley B, MCS B

Bowl semis: Sedbergh bt Wellington; Tonbridge bt Harrow; Bowl final: Tonbridge bt Sedburgh.

Plate final: Clifton bt Canford B. 3rd v 4th: Sevenoaks bt Abingdon. FINAL: Canford A bt Radley A.

Overall order: Canford A, Radley A, Sevenoaks, Abingdon, MCS A, St H, Tonbridge, Sedberg, = Wellington & Harrow, Clifton, Canford B, MCS B, Aldenham, Malvern, Radley B.

• Sat 21st May

BSDRA Southern Team Racing Championship, at Spinnaker SC

contact Stephen Wilkinson, Canford - Notice of Race

16 teams and a very good day (pretty windy). 4 groups x 4 competed for places 1,2,3,4. 1's played off and top 3 to semis. 2's played off and top went to semis. 3's played off, 4's played off.

Semi finals: Sevenoaks, Radley, Sherborne, Charterhouse. The final: Sevenoaks, Charterhouse. Sevenoaks won 2-1, but only after a final call on the final reach against Charterhouse were lying 1,2,6. 5th place went to Spinnaker (lost top group) and Sevenoaks B, Canford A and Winchester took places up to 8. The other 8, won by Tonbridge, teams St H, MCS, St Swithuns, Lancing, Canford B, Wellington, Clayesmore.

• Mon 4th - Tue 5th July 2005

BSDRA International Team Racing Championship, at West Kirby SC.

Contact: Stephen Wilkinson, Canford - Notice of Race and Guardianship Form

Sevenoaks B bt Severn (Annapolis USA) in final 2 - 0.

3= (no playoff - Gold Fleet) West Kirby Juniors/Sevenoaks A

5th Radley Silver Fleet: Schull bt Canford 2 - 0.

8= (no playoff - Silver Fleet) MTSCrosby/St Helens and St Katharines

Bronze Fleet: Norwich bt MCS Oxford 2 - 0 12= (no playoff - Bronze Fleet) Tonbridge/Brentwood.

Trophies: Whitstable -S/Oaks B Hyde Cup - Radley Rondar - GB (S/O B)

Founders' - Severn Fairfield - Schull Datchet - Norwich

Radley Quaich - Radley

• Wed 6th - Fri 8th July 2005

Schools 420 National Championship (9 races on 7th/8th) at Itchenor SC

Tues 5th pm registration for those who can get there. Wed is training day.

Both these events are in the same week and make a great week of sailing.

1st: Edgbaston High School for Girls (Fairey Plate and Astral tophy) 2nd: Rugby (Ollie Dix)

BSDRA trophy to Corfe Hills (boys) Old boat - Portsmouth Grammar School boat - Radley

IMPORTANT - the equivalent dates for Itchenor would be impossible in 2006 - tides are low at mid-day.

Can Itchenor be in the week Tues - Friday 11 - 14 July 2006 ?

Can West Kirby (if we go there) be in the same week Mon/Tues 10/11 July 2006?

Should the 2 events be in different weeks? Which weeks?

Can anything be in the week 26 - 30 June 2006 - presumably not.

Views and comments to Nick Prosser, Tonbridge School, Kent, cc to Stephen Wilkinson, Canford

• Mon 11 - Thu 14 July 2005

Fastnet Schools International Regatta, Schull, Cork

Contact: Tim O'Connor


• Sat 1st Oct 2005

BSDRA Fleet Racing Championship, at Bough Beech SC

Contact: Nick Prosser, Tonbridge School, Kent - Notice of Race (Word file)

Schools to enter 'teams' of 2 boats 'A' and 'B', to be raced in Sevenoaks Fireflies.

RACE REPORT (Nick Prosser):

In brief , a great day, wind - sun - rain - squalls - lots of racing, fun and all seemed to be very happy. We were lucky as our clubhouse refurbishment will not complete next week so we were outside and it was OK. 20 teams (19 turned up) with 38 boat pairs (76 kids) + staff etc.

Sevenoaks took top 3 slots, but it was not at all plain sailing and Kings Canterbury and Radley gave good account. Then Tonbridge and among the other s/o teams were Magdalen CS, Lancing, Abingdon, City of London.

1st Sevenoaks John Platt-Mills/Lisssie Lockwood, Andreas Ness and Penny Beddoes

2nd Sevenoaks Chris Willis and Katie Smorhwaite, Tom Sain and David Miller

4th Kings Canterbury Philip Spicer and Alice Moxley, Andrew Lewis and Micky le Blanc

6th Radley Sam Petty and Kit Bicket, Alex Gilbert and Henry Holman

Full result 1. SO1 2. SO2 3. SO4 4. KCant 1 5. SO3 6. Radley 7. SO8 8. Tonb 9 SO5 10 SO6 11 SO7

12 KCant 2 13 SO9 14 MCS 15 Abingdon 16 CofL 1 17 Merchant Tay North 18 Lancing 19 City of London 2

• Sat 1st - Sun 2nd Oct 2005

ARROW TROPHY - for crews of 7 on Sunsail 27s, based at Cowes IOW.

Teams of former pupils from independent schools.

Contact: Peter Jennings of the Royal Thames YC

• Sat 15th - Sun 16th Oct 2005

NSSA Topper Team Racing Championship, at Notts County

• Sat 12th - Sun 13th Nov 2005

RYA Youth Team Racing Championship, at Grafham Water SC

The Championships are open to teams from Clubs, Schools, Zones or other organisations:

24 Junior teams [under 16 on 31st Dec 2005 ] - 3-boat teams in Feva Dinghies

24 Youth teams [under 19 on 31st Dec 2005] - 3-boat teams in Firefly dinghie