Hoad Shield 14 May

Post date: May 17, 2011 8:13:35 AM

22 Teams travelled to Bough Beech for the BSDRA SE Championships (The Hoad Shield) on Saturday 14th May. Away from its usual early season spot, the Hoad attracted teams from as far afield as Ipswich, Norwich and Royal Hospital School.

A stunning WNW F3 welcomed the teams and while there was some initial concern that Cutdowns would be required, the wind played ball and other than a few localised shifts, the weather could not have been better for an event at Bough Beech.

Racing was at times close; at times one sided and other than a few breakdowns early in the day, racing continued apace with ninety three races being completed in a shade under six hours.

Sevenoaks 1 triumphed over Wellington A in the first of the Semi Finals, with MCS 1 beating RGS in the other.

A close fought first of the three race final suggested that racing would go to the wire; however MCS 1 continued their unbeaten ways in the 2nd of the finals races to reach a very well deserved first Hoad Shield Victory.