2006 Season

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• Thu 27th April 2006

BSDRA South East Team Racing Championship (The Hoad Shield), at Bough Beech SC

Contact: Keith Sammons, Tonbridge

14 teams competed. It was always going to be a light wind day, and indeed at 0830 we rang around to consider cancellation of the event. However in the end, a workable breeze continued from the start at midday until after 6 p.m. For much of the afternoon conditions were even perfect for team racing. The NNE breeze blowing only slightly askew of 'straight down the reservoir' (completely full for the occasion!) enabled the usual S course to be set quite close to the near shore, enabling spectators to view much of the racing with ease. Over 24 members of staff, invited umpires and other helpers kept the show moving and enabled the teams to compete in an orderly and continuous programme.

The 3 leagues of 'round robins' were followed by a 3 team play off between those teams placed 3rd in each league. 2 teams moved up to join the 6 placed 1&2 and a quarter/semi and final ensued. The lower 6 teams played off first for places 9/10/11 and finally for all places. This enabled fewer races to take place in the light breeze, while all teams raced almost to the end of the programme. 8 teams were able to win until the last rounds.


1: Charterhouse; 2: Sevenoaks 1; 3: King's Canterbury 1; 4: Radley; 5: Tonbridge;

6: Wellington; 7: Sevenoaks 2; 8: Sevenoaks 3; 9: Lancing; 10: City of London; 11: King's Canterbury 2;

12: Ardingly; 13: Dover; 14: Haileybury

• Sat 29th April 2006

BSDRA Midlands Fleet Racing Championship (Prism Trophy), at Oxford SC (Farmoor)

Contact: John Wylie, Radley College, Abingdon

RESULTS (7 singles and 14 two-man boats competing):

1: Sam Petty, Radley (Laser); 2: Grant Blake, Fitzharry's (Laser); 3: Suzy Russell, St Helen's (Radial);

4: Tom Bennet, Abindgon (4.7); 5: G.Hall/P.Derry, MCS (49er); 6: K.Bicket/F.Macnamara, Radley (420)

BSDRA Thames Valley Team Racing Championship, at Broxbourne SC

contact: Alex Phillips, Haileybury - Directions

A good day's racing.

RESULTS: 1st CLS (70pts), 2nd Merchant Taylors (78 pts), 3rd Harrow (81 pts), 4th Haileybury (88 pts), 5th Aldenham (103 pts)

• Sat 6th May

BSDRA Midlands Team Racing Championship, at Oxford SC (Farmoor)

Contact: John Wylie, Radley College, Abingdon


1: Uppingham A (BSDRA TROPHY); 2: Canford A; 3: MCS A; 4: Abingdon; 5: Oundle A; 6: Radley;

7: Tonbridge (ROSEBOWL); 8: St Helens; 9: MCS B; 10: Bradfield: 11: Malvern; 12: Oundle B;

13: Eton (FARMOOR PLATE); 14: Canford B; 15: Clifton; 16=: Rugby, Uppingham B; 18: Clayesmore

BSDRA East Kent Team Racing Championship (420s) at Westbere SC

Contact: Richard Maltby, King's School, Canterbury - Notice of Race

This event, held at Westbere lakes SC near Canterbury, attracted a strong entry in the six teams that competed: Dover College, King’s A, King’s B, Sevenoaks A (senior L6 team), Sevenoaks B (year 11 team), and Kent Schools’ Sailing Association.

The light, shifting breeze that necessitated two 90 degree rotations of the course put a premium upon sailing in light airs, but did not prevent good team-racing. As a steady NW breeze developed in the latter half of the afternoon the schedule moved faster to reach an exciting finish. The outcome called for the application of the Umpires’ Rules in the event of a tie. Three teams - Sevenoaks A, KSSA and King’s A - tied for 1st place by each winning 4/5 races. Each of the tied teams had also lost to one of the other tied teams. By umpires’ rules the order was determined by the points scored when the three tied teams sailed each other.


1: Kent Schools’ SA; 2: King’s A; 3: Sevenoaks A; 4: Sevenoaks B; 5: King’s B; 6: Dover College

• Sat 13th May

BSDRA Eastern Team Racing Championship, at Middle Nene SC

Contact Douglas Butler, Oundle

We deserved a gentle Westerly after last year (Force 6/7) and the year before (Force 0/1), and were rewarded with a record entry of 15 teams and some excellent racing, albeit with a few surprises and a few disappointments. We were indeed fortunate to have Chris Atkins, Bruce Hebbert, John Wiley and Nick Prosser as umpires, and it was a pleasure to welcome Mike Maconochie out of retirement to help keep the 420s afloat.


1: Kimbolton; 2: Greshams; 3=: Tonbridge, Uppingham A; 5: Sevenoaks; 6: Stowe; 7: Oundle A; 8: Radley;

9=: Uppingham B, Norwich; 11: Ipswich; 12: Haileybury; 13: Rugby; 14: Bradfield; 15: Oundle B

BSDRA Northern Team Racing Championship, at Killington Lake

Contact: Myles Ripley, Sedbergh

Six Bosuns assembled from a variety of sources, plus an ideal NE Force 3 made ideal conditions for this event, even if the temperature had taken a 10 degree dive since the balmy weekdays. Merchant Taylors ' Crosby, Rydal Penrhos and Sedbergh were the contenders in this event (rather smaller than previous years) .

MTS and Rydal took to the water for a warm up preceding their first match, consisting of two races. Unfortunately in their first race, rudder damage was sustained by MTS and the result was put on hold in case it would have to be resailed later. In the second race of their match, MTS beat Rydal by a relatively slender margin of 9.75 to 11.

MTS stayed on the water and Sedbergh joined them. Sedbergh won both races by the even more slender margin of 10 to 10.75 in both cases. Some interesting team sailing tactics were employed which just gave the edge to Sedbergh.

In the final match, the team sailing necessary aggression, somewhat overboiled and there was almost a Rule 69 protest lodged. The umpires pre-judged that there was fault on both sides and briefed both teams to concentrate on sailing rather than “banter”. In the final race of this match Sedbergh won by the relatively large margin of 14 to 7 which outweighed the deficit of the 9.75 to 11 defeat in their first race against Rydal


Sedbergh were adjudged the winners, but a very close afternoon's sailing had been had.

• Thu 18th May => rescheduled Thu 25th May

BSDRA Southern Team Racing Championship, at Spinnaker SC

Contact Stephen Wilkinson, Canford - Notice of Race

As we might all have expected, very light winds followed the postponement of the event the previous week due to Force 7 gusts. But we did get a result, after a fairly curtailed programme. Thanks to all for making the effort to rearrange at such short notice.


1: Magdalen College School; 2: Sevenoaks A; 3: Eton, 4: Winchester; 5: Radley; 6: Lancing;

7=: Canford A, Sevenoaks B; 9=: Bradfield, Canford B.

• Mon 10th, Tue 11th July 2006

BSDRA International Team Racing Championship, at Bough Beech SC.

Contact: Nick Prosser, Tonbridge or Stephen Wilkinson, Canford

Monday 10:30am Briefing. Event to finish Tuesday lunchtime

Notice of Race and Guardianship Form


Gold competition: 1: Sevenoaks, 2: Radley, 3: MCS Schull

Silver competition: 1: Tonbridge, 2: Sevenoaks B, 3: Sevenoaks C, 4: Kings Canterbury

Bronze competition: 1: St Helens, 2: Canford, 3: Haileybury.


Whitstable Sevenoaks Rondar Shield: Sevenoaks; Hyde Cup: Radley; Fairfield Plate: Tonbridge

Datchet Plate: St Helens; Founders Trophy: Schull; Radley Quaich: MCS

Monday gave us a steady wind and two full round robins. Tuesday was shifty but warm and sunny. The programme was completed. A very worthwhile event with 10 teams entered. Two schools camped on site. 1 hostel, 2 Premier Lodge, 1 friends. We all hope for larger things next year.

• Wed 12th - Fri 14th July 2006

Schools 420 National Championship at Itchenor SC

Tue 11th pm registration for those who can get there. Wed is training day.


1: 51421 Charterhouse School - Jack Yeoman + George Yeoman (Fairey Trophy)

2: 51741 Parkstone Grammar - Kate Allam + Sarah Burge (Astral Ladies Prize)

3: 52407 St Pauls - William Kalderon + Marius Hutchenson

4: Talbot Heath; 5: Bishop Luffa; 6: Charterhouse School; 7: Cranleigh School; 8: Radley College

9: The King's School; 10: Bedales; 11: Edgbaston High School; 12: Magdalen; 13: Magdalen

14: Radley College; 15: St Mary's Ascot; 16: Rugby; 17: Sherborne School; 18: The King's School

19: Rugby; 20: Aldenham School; 21: Haileybury; 22: Haileybury; 23: Haileybury; 24: Rugby

25: The King's School; 26: Seaford College; 27: Radley College.



• Sat 30th Sept 2006

BSDRA East Kent Team Racing Championship (420s) at Westbere SC

Contact: Richard Maltby, King's School, Canterbury - Notice of Race

King's Canterbury played host to teams from Magdalen College School, Oxford, Sevenoaks School and Sutton Valence. A F3 breeze enlivened by gusts provided good conditions for team racing and plenty of interest for the full round of 12 races. Many thanks to umpires George Barker and Simon Dodds, and to colleagues and parents for their support. Well done to all who took part.


1: King's Canterbury, 2: Magdalen CS, 3: Sevenoaks, 4: Sutton Valence

• Sat 7th October 2006

BSDRA Fleet Racing Championship, at Bough Beech SC

Contact: Nick Prosser - Notice of Race and Entry Form

Schools to enter 'teams' of 2 boats 'A' and 'B', to be raced in Sevenoaks Fireflies.

Bough Beech on a PERFECT day for sailing: steady Force 3 Westerly and bright October sunshine. Here the Oundle 'A' pair relax at the Club House while the 'B' pair battle it out on the water! 18 pairs entered and the results were:

1: Magdalen Coll. Sch. Oxford (MCS A), 2: Tonbridge A, 3: Sevenoaks C, 4: Sevenoaks B, 5: Radley

Also took part: Abingdon, MCS B, Lancing, Merchant Taylors, Oakham A+B, Oundle, Royal Hospital School, Sevenoaks A+D+E, Tonbridge B, Uppingham.

• Sat/Sun 14/15 October 2006

ARROW TROPHY - Teams of 7 from Independent Schools alumni, on Sunsail Sun Fast 37s, based at Port Solent (Portsmouth) and raced off Cowes IOW.

Dulwich narrowly beat Oundle in the final match race.

NSSA Topper Team Racing Championship, at Notts County


The Twiname RYA Junior and Youth Team Racing Championships 2006 will be taking place at separate dates and venues this year.

• Sat/Sun 28th/29th October

The RYA YOUTH Championships [under 19 on 31st Dec 2006]

at West Kirby SC

Bruce Hebbert reports:

Fantastic weekend, brilliantly organised by West Kirby Sailing Club. 15 teams in total.

Lots of racing as there were 3 flights.

5 BSDRA Schools teams. 3 from Sevenoaks, Kings and MCS.

Top BSDRA School Sevenoaks "A" placed 5th.

• Sat/Sun 4th/5th November

The RYA JUNIOR Championships [under 16 on 31st Dec 2006]

at Spinnaker SC

ABANDONNED - lack of wind

• Monday 6th November 2006

7pm BSDRA AGM, at Royal Thames Yacht Club, Knightsbridge