Thames Valley 8 May

Post date: Jun 22, 2010 12:35:36 PM

This was the first meeting of the Thames Valley Regatta since 2007, when Alex Phillips, now at Ipswich School and BSDRA Webmaster, ran the event. This year it was held at Bray Lake which had the helpful and friendly feel of a smaller club and the racing could be easily watched from the shore.

The wind was about 7 to 10 mph all day and reasonably stable which allowed for a full days racing. 14 teams initially sailed in three mixed Leagues before being rearranged into seeded Gold, Silver and Bronze Leagues followed by a four team knockout competition in the finals. MCS 1 were the over-all winners. I was particularly pleased with the turn out in the new location and also pleasantly surprised that two (Gold and Bronze) of the three original shields had been returned by teams from three years ago. If anyone knows the whereabouts of the missing Silver League shield I would be most pleased to hear from them; I understand it may have been missing for more than three years. Thanks must be given to all the staff helpers on the day and also to David Lees and David Peerless for officiating all the umpiring. Thanks are also given to Wellington College and Pangbourne College who kindly allowed us to use their fireflies and to Ian Frayne for all his help moving boats.