Westbere Lakes Autumn Team Racing

Post date: Nov 26, 2010 12:45:05 PM

Sailed in a steady breeze (E F2/3) 38 races were sailed by a round robin until finishing at the agreed time. Results were calculated on percentages of races won/sailed and, with ties, by the result when the two teams met.

Sevenoaks 1 8/8 100%

Sevenoaks 2 6/8 75%

Norwich 5/7 71.4%

Oakham 5/7 71.4%

Ipswich 5/7 71.4%

King’s 3/8 37.5%

Ardingly 2/7 28.6%

Kent (KSSA) 2/8 25%

Royal Hospital School 1/8 12.5%

Winchester 1/8 12.5%

Overall winners: Sevenoaks 1

Congratulations to Sevenoaks and to all the teams on some very good team racing. It made for an enjoyable and at times exciting afternoon. With many thanks to team managers for bringing their teams and who all helped to run the event with such good spirit and efficiency.

Richard Maltby