Nick Prosser

Nick Prosser (1941-2007)

Over 700 attended the Memorial Service to Nick Prosser, filling almost every seat in the magnificently restored Tonbridge School Chapel. There were many addresses from friends and colleagues recalling Nick's incredibly energetic and varied life at Tonbridge School, where he taught physics, and ran the Naval Section, tennis, climbing, Adventure Training, and of course sailing. Away from Tonbridge he revitalised Bough Beech Sailing Club and gave a new life to school sailing all over the country when he founded BSDRA.

BSDRA was represented by: John Wiley (Radley College), Bruce Hebbert (Sevenoaks School), Richard Maltby (King's Canterbury), Crispin Read Wilson (Pangbourne), Stephen Wilkinson (Canford School), Keith Sammons (Tonbridge School), Bert Lacey (Malvern College), Douglas Butler (Oundle School) and Richard Lowndes (Oundle School)