Northern 6 May

Post date: May 18, 2012 1:54:36 PM


Sedbergh School

Rydal Penrhos School

Windermere School

Despite being cold the wind was ideal for the event, even if the rescue/umpire boats were causing problems. Rydal brought two teams and Sedbergh made a second team in conjunction with the Windermere Topper sails so four teams comprised the event which consisted of two boat team sailing 3000 dinghies and three boat team sailing in Toppers. Two complete round robins were completed in the 3000 event with three teams being tied at the end of the first round robin. Some interesting reversals of results happened in the second round with Rydal 2nd team coming through more strongly in the afternoon. The final match between Rydal 2 and Rydal 1 was crucial; had Rydal 1 won and if the final (unsailed match) between Sedbergh 1 and 2 gone to Sedbergh, we would have ended up with another three way tie for first place. However, Rydal 2 won the crunch match and won the overall 3000 event and with it the Killington Salver.

Meanwhile in the Toppers, Rydal 1 were more clearly in the ascendancy and scored an almost perfect set of race wins with only loss in their whole scoreline. Windermere were less fortunate with two of their sailors withdrawing after a couple of races. Meanwhile Sedbergh 1 and Rydal 2 were battling out for 2nd place with Sedbergh 1 taking that result.

So the combined results of the Topper and 3000 racing resulted in a three way tie overall for the day with Rydal 1 & 2 and Sedbergh 1 being equal on points. Perhaps this is the best result for all concerned since there was plenty of very close racing between all the sailors. The quality of the team racing component of the sailing improved throughout the day in the 3000s and there were some very “vocal” races towards the end - from the spectators as well!