Reports 2014

BSDRA Eastern Championship at Rutland Water, Saturday 17th May 2014

And now some statistics before the results: 14 teams sailed 65 races. After 6 rounds of a Hebbert-Lucas league the four leading teams broke for best-of-3 semi-finals and final. The remaining 10 boats split into groups of five, each playing ‘king of the hill’ which meant that all were busy sailing until the very end.

Taking the last race ‘king of the hill’ winner as leading that league, with the others as all equal 2nd in the league, the 2014 Eastern Champs results were:

1st RHs ‘A’ – unbeaten on the day

2nd Norwich

3rd Oakham Red

4th RHS ‘B’

5th Oakham Black (league A ‘king of the hill’ when racing stopped)

6th = Ipswich, Rugby ‘A’, Rutland Raiders, Stamford,

10th Uppingham (league B ‘king of the hill’ when racing stopped)

11th = Haileybury, Oundle, Rugby ‘B’, Stowe

Many thanks to all the teachers and Rutland SC volunteers who worked so hard to make this event work.

BSDRA Southerns Championship at Spinaker Sailing Club, Saturday 17th May 2014

The wind finally kicked in just before the deadline of 1300 and our patience was rewarded with 6 races for all teams and some competitive semis and finals


1 Tonbridge

2 Winchester


4 Millfield

5 Elizabeth College

6 Winchester Jun

7= Ardingly, Canford, Charterhouse, Sherborne A, Sherborne B

12= Clifton, Wellington.

BSDRA EK (Spring) Team Racing Championship at Westbere lake, Saturday 26 April 2014 .

Eleven teams competed in the senior event (fireflies/420s) and seven teams sailed in the topper division (fleet racing in teams of three boats) on separate courses. Races started at 11.00 am and finished at 4.30 pm. Despite some strong gusts in the morning, rain eased by midday with the southerly breeze settling to a steady 13/14 mph. Races proceeded without any sailing hitches and all teams sailed and raced very well. The seniors sailed 25 races in two mini-leagues followed by 14 sail-off races for final positions. Toppers sailed a round robin with semi-finals and finals. The topper final was an all Winchester affair with victory for Winchester 1 over Winchester 2. In the Seniors, Royal Hospital School and Sevenoaks 1 dominated their respective leagues and were outstanding in a superb, closely fought (best of three races) final. Eton and Ardingly were also in contention, with Sevenoaks 2 finishing strongly in the sail-off races. The competition was sustained throughout the fleet for the “Men of Kent” silver and bronze trophies awarded to 4th and 8th placed teams respectively. As this was my last EK event as organiser I would like to say a big Thank You to everyone who has been involved over the years - to Westbere FSA, to my BSDRA and KSSA colleagues, to John Hope, Jo Norrington and Charles Burson-Thomas at King’s, and, above all, to the 87 sailors who were, as ever, keen and competitive, helpful and cheerful, on and off the water.

Results (Seniors): 1, Sevenoaks 1 (EK championship- holders); 2, Royal Hospital School; 3, Eton; 4, Ardingly (silver); 5, Sevenoaks 2; 6, Haileybury; 7, Winchester; 8, Wellington (bronze), King’s, Merchant Taylors, KSSA.

Juniors: 1, Winchester 1 (EK topper trophy holders); 2, Winchester 2; 3, Sevenoaks; 4, Merchant Taylors 2; Merchant Taylors 1, King’s, Haileybury.