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Guest presenters

Lisa Butcher

One of The Big Breakfast's first ever stand in presenters. Lisa filled in for Gaby for a week in 1993. At the time she was in the peak of her modelling career and as such she didn't return to presenting until her appearence in 2006 hpsting Britian's Next Top Model for Living TV. Funniest moment on TheBB came when trying to help Chris onto a horse, she also wrapped a rubber golf club around Chris's neck.

Kim Wilde
Thanks to Lexi who pointed this one out. She hosted the show for a week in Autumn 1993 and this lead to a much publicised romance between herself and co-host Chris Evans after she snogged him in a tent seconds before going on air.

Bob Geldof

It was Bob's company that created The Big Breakfast (full credit goes to Charlie Parsons and Sebastian Scott who also devised The Word) as such he gave himself some presenting time although he soon faded into the behind the scenes staff.) As part of his interviews he's give the interviewees gifts including a packet of seeds to the Dali Lama!

Danni Minouge

The Tesco Value version of Kylie Minogue filled in for Gaby quite often in the early days of The Big Breakfast. Danni went on to host The Big Breakfast's Eggs On Legs roadshows.

Dani Behr

Bob Monkhouse
Thanks to Simon Parry of Leicester who's informed me that late, great Bob DID host the show from December 20th - December 24th 1993

Julia Carling

Carol Smilie

Gillian Telforth

Amanda Decadane

Peter Andre

Davina McCall

Jason Orange,Gary Barlow, Mark Owen & Howard Neville
All of the above hosted the show during a special Take That week. The fab 5 also appeared on the shows 1st birthday celebration on September 28th 1993 even composing a little song on the keyboard.

Robbie Williams
Hosted the BB for a week with the rest of Take That then hosted the show for a week after leaving Take That, it was his first official TV appearance after the split. Once walked in on a item going out live and had to sheepishly walk out hoping no one would notice... (Only a few hundered thousand viewers Bob...)

Roland Riveron
I know Roland Riveron was on The Biggest Breakfast Ever and he helped on the Red Nose Day Special in 1995 but did he ever host the show properly?

Danielle - Mel B's Little Sister

Jason Bradbury
Now host of Channel 5's Combat Cars Jason has stood in for the OB reporters.

Jayne Middlemiss

Jo Guest
Take Jo Guest, Keith Chegwin, The Big Breakfast and a bucket of water - cue the shows second most famous exposure of female flesh. (The first being Paula going commando on the bed!) Jo has also appeared on the show almost every week as it is her photo that used to appear on the slideshows in the 'Join Or Club' items. (How did that get in there!?)

Simon O'Brien

Ant & Dec
Hosted the show alongside Denise during Summer 1997

Phil Jupitus
Unfunny cockney gimp who used to fill in for Johnny. Shudder.

Craig Charles
Hosted the show in 1998 when Johnny Vaughan was away. Star of Red Dwarf & Robot Wars Craig replaced the Paper review with a poem summing up the days news.

Jenny McCarthy

Jenny was so expensive to book the producers filled up an hour of the New Year's eve show in 1999 with her exploits and best bits to help justify the cost. She was a good double act with JV but her voice wasn't the best thing to wake up to! Famously revealed all to JV behind the 'X-Rated' screen and acted as an agony aunt in the shed.

Miss England, Miss Wales , Miss Scotland, Miss Northern Ireland, Miss United Kingdom
The 4 international hosts featured on the show during January 1999. The only had one day each so not much to say about them really - sorry!


Hosted the show for one week during Super-January in 1999. To be fair she proved that her presenting skills needed a bit of work and Johnny took the reigns of the show for most of that week. Her highlight was trying to say 'Mirror' and failing spectacularly. She was presented with a special edition of The Mirror on her last day.

Shane Richie
Shane was once a huge celebrity on UK television but by the time he hosted the BB for a week in 1999 his star had dimmed. Only a series of Daz commercials had kept him in the public eye. All this soon changed after landing a role on Eastenders as Alfie Moon where he remains to this day.

Mark Bright

Richard Randall
Has hosted parts of the show now and then. His main appearance came on The Biggest Breakfast Ever when he hosted Owe? No You Don't! Was for a long time the interior design expert on The Big Breakfast with a segment called 'Knob of The Week'. Left in Summer 2000.

Ed Hall
Presented the show throughout summer 1999 alongside Sara Cox Returned 9th - 13th April 2001

Sara Cox
Filled in during the summer of 99 co-hosting with Ed Hall. Was such a popular host that she was picked up as the third presenter of the Brekkie even having her own slot: 'Early Morning With Sara Cox'. Sara sadly left the show over Xmas '99 to host the Radio 1 Breakfast Show (is anyone noticing a trend here?) but now hosts the drive time show.

Patrick Kielty
Filled for Johnny Vaughan for a week in March 2000 & Summer 2000, was hotly tipped to be JV's full time replacement and had previouisly hosted Last Chance Lottery, The National Lottery, Commercial Breakdown. Is boyfriend to presenter Amanda Byram.

Dermot O'Leary
21st June 2000 - Filled in for JV throughout Summer 2000. Also a long term host of The Bigger Breakfast and now seen on Big Brother's Little Brother

Tania Stryker
October 30th 2000 Presented the show with Richard Bacon from a flooded Bow Locks. Was Robbie Williams ex and can be seen on 'Naked Elvis' and a BBC Choice Game show 'Come Fly With Me'

Christopher Biggins
Guest hosted The Big Breakfast for a week in Johnny's absense but has also often appeared in the background.

Paul Daniels
Hosted the show with his wife (below) during the fill in week in January 2001

Debee MgGee
Wednesday 17th Jan 2001

Richard Whitley
The man most famous for hosting Channel 4's Countdown presented the show during the fill in week Thursday January 18th 2001. Richard was also present at the final show.

Neil & Christine Hamilton
Guested on the show to answer viewers problems.

Emily Bouff
One of the three Bits girls hosted The Big Breakfast's items on the summer 2001 music festivals.

Chris Moyles
Moyles hosted the show on two occasions, the most recent being in August 2001. Chris now has his own breakfast show from 7am on BBC Radio One. He was offered the presenters chair full time but decided to concentrate on his radio career.

Samantha Robson

Guested on the show in August 2001and again in the Autumn. Samantha Robson's first ever acting job on television was on Red Dwarf VI's 'Psirens' where she played the vampish Pete Tranter's sister. (The scene where Lister ends up snogging one of the Psirens) Since then she's moved on to The Bill and appeared as a cover girl for Loaded. The Big Breakfast marks her first presenting gig and you can now catch her in the West Yorkshire Playhouse playing the lead in a J.B. Priestly play called Eden's End.

Julian Clarey
Presented the show for one day January 29th 2002.

Patsy Palmer
Also known as Bianca from Eastenders Patsy presented The Big Breakfast in early 2002.

Johnny Vegas
Vegas became something of a regular guest in the shows final months. He was also the talk of the final show as he turned up at the house incredibly drunk. It resulted in Johnny crowd surfing and the producer screaming that he'd gone too far! In the weeks running up to the final show Johnny hosted 'Sunshine Over Vegas' a fake pilot for the Brekkie's replacement broadcast from a house in St. Helens.