My Hemingway Daiquiri.

posted 27 Feb 2017, 15:49 by George Sinclair   [ updated 28 Feb 2017, 17:53 ]

My Hemingway Daiquiri.

50ml Appleton VX rum,
25ml fresh pink grapefruit juice,
15ml fresh lime juice,
5ml Luxardo maraschino liqueur.

Shake and fine strain into a martini type glass. No garnish.

Saffron and Ginger Fizz.

posted 17 Feb 2017, 17:28 by George Sinclair   [ updated 17 Feb 2017, 17:57 ]

20ml Kesar Syrup,
15ml Fresh Lime Juice,
Top with Ginger Beer.

Build and churn over crushed ice in a tall glass.

Garnish: Ginger strips and saffron strands.

Marriage of Figs

posted 1 Feb 2017, 08:19 by George Sinclair   [ updated 17 Feb 2017, 18:19 ]

50ml Four Roses Bourbon,
25ml Fresh Lemon Juice,
15ml Creme de Figue (Briottet),
10ml Sugar Syrup,
50ml Eggwhite.

Dry shake, and then shake with ice.
Spritz from a lemon twist, which is then used as the garnish.

Magar Cocktail.

posted 28 Jan 2017, 04:24 by George Sinclair   [ updated 28 Jan 2017, 09:40 ]

Magar Cocktail. 

50ml Amarillo Chilli infused blanco tequila, 
50ml fresh pineapple juice, 
25ml coriander & mint syrup, 
15ml fresh lime juice. 

Shake with ice and fine strain. Rocks glass. Lemon twist as the garnish.

Sacred Heart Cocktail.

posted 27 Jan 2017, 17:45 by George Sinclair

Sacred Heart Cocktail. 

50ml Sacred Cardamom Gin, 

25ml Kamms & Son, 

15ml Briottet Creme de Cacao. 

Stir & strain. Grapefruit twist and spritz. Coupette glass or similar.

Cocktail Shakers: Coming unstuck. (Idea).

posted 30 May 2016, 08:51 by George Sinclair   [ updated 30 May 2016, 08:54 ]

As most bartenders know, certain types of cocktail shakers have a tendency to contract when ice-cold, and can therefore be a bugger to open: So why not pierce one of the metal ends with a single hole (perhaps made with an ice-pick and a hammer) which will be covered by the thumb during shaking, and then the thumb is removed to release the pressure and thus make the parts of the shaker easier to separate. The aperture of the hole must not be too small so as to cause a jet of liquid, and not so big as to be difficult to cover with the thumb.


posted 7 Jan 2014, 14:23 by George Sinclair


Frozen Canarino.

posted 18 Dec 2013, 09:09 by George Sinclair

For a beautiful lemon Old Fashioned.

The Sinclair Patented Triple Shake.

posted 13 Dec 2012, 17:58 by George Sinclair   [ updated 13 Dec 2012, 17:59 ]

For those of us who use pasteurized egg-white in our cocktails at work; it can 
be very frustrating to dry shake then shake with ice and yet still end up with 
a puny foam head to a cocktail; So I decided to dry shake again, after shaking 
a drink with ice, and now have super-foamy cocktails as a consequence.

1. Dry Shake (Shake a cocktail without ice, to whi
p up the egg-white).
2. Shake the same cocktail with ice.
3. Fine strain into the empty half of a Boston shaker (preferably an all-metal 
4. Dry Shake Vigorously.
5. Pour unstrained into your chilled cocktail glass.
6. Foam Galore!

Scenting the top of the foam with an orange or lemon twist is recommended; 
which is what I do with my Whisky Sours.

It may sound like a lot of extra work, but it is worth it if you want a foamy masterpiece.

Ode to Joy.

posted 26 May 2012, 02:58 by George Sinclair

50ml Appleton VX Rum,
25ml Fresh Lime Juice,
10ml Sugar Syrup,
50ml Rubicon Passionfruit Juice.

Shake & Strain into a Pilsner glass; top with Cream soda; Garnish with a twisted lime wheel.

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