Venus Transit at Coco Beach, Oysterbay

Pictures of Transit of Venus from Coco Beach

A lone runner at Sunrise,
Coco Beach, Oysterbay, Dar es Salaam, TANZANIA

Adjusting the Galileoscope for center view of the projection of the Sun
The Venus dot can be just seen on the top left edge 
(opposite end due to inversion by the telescope projection)

Adjusting the projection of the Sun through the Galileoscope

Close up projection box

Beginning image of dot of Venus (top right edge of Sun)

Astronomy Contact Group members at the Coco Beach

Viewing the Sun using the Solar Eclipse glasses

Note: The size of the Sun was seen to be almost exactly the same as the almost full Moon that was still visible in the opposite (west) side of the sky even in morning light.  
(That is why the Sun can be fully eclipsed by the Moon during a Solar Eclipse) 

Explaining the Transit of Venus

Direct view of Sun through the Solar Glasses filter
A hint of the dot Venus can be discerned at to left edge of Sun

Another picture taken by an Astronomy Contact Group member Mr Hasin shows that Venus dot clearly.  (more pictures at:

Click image of clear view of dot of Venus

Another closer image of dot of Venus

Further view inside the viewing box that cuts out surrounding light

Venus Transit nearing the end

More Astronomy Contact Group members

Curious about the projection set up

Understanding the projection set up

Adjusting the Galiloscope on its stand to get center view

More explanations

Other observers joined the Venus show

The dot of Venus is almost near the edge (click image for larger view)

End of Transit - Dot not visible
Sun is clear and round, except for a hint of a Sunspot near the centre of the Sun
(click image for larger view)