The Forgotten Treasure at Mbozi Tanzania

Our Forgotten Treasure at Mbozi, southern Tanzania

A picture story of my long, anxiously awaited visit to the 16 ton Mbozi meteorite treasure, hidden about 70 km from Mbeya in the southern Tanzania on the Tanzania Zambia Highway along the famous Cario to Cape trail

(All pictures copyrighted)

Start from Mbeya
1. Start at Mbeya Town

2. Branch off left after about 60 km from Mbeya on Tunduma Highway to Zambia soon after Mahenje village. A very good all weather murram road lead to the meteorite.

3. About 10 km from highway junction small hand painted "Meteorite" sign on a rough plank of wood stuck on a high branch of a tree.

4. Panoramic view of the land near the meteorite site

5. Road block at the entrance to the meteorite site.

6. Site in Charge, Mr Basange, of the Department of Antiquities in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism writes a receipt of payment for viewing the meteorite; 1000/= per person.

6. My first view of the Mbozi meteorite from a distance.

7. Students of nearby Ihanda Secondary School on a History final year O-level project.

8. Site in charge, Mr Basange, introduces us to the history and details of the meteorite.

9. Further explanations from Mr Basange.

10. Time for my own pictures with the Mbozi meteorite.

11. Another angle of view of the meteorite. In the  background is the edge wall of the ground dug out to expose the whole 16 ton Mbozi meteorite.

12. Traditional angle of view of the Mbozi meteorite.

13. One of the students, David of Ihanda Secondary School doing the project. 

14. Another student Ihanda of the school.

15. Student gather for a discussion after listening to the information from the experts.

16. Preparing to go back to school.

17. The meteorite view is too attractive to leave without last pictures.

18. More last pictures of the meteorite with the students.

19. A view of the meteorite framed by the window of the reception hut, with the edge of the dug out ground in the background.

20. Another full window view of the Mbozi meteorite.

21. View along the length of the meteorite.

21. View along the width of the meteorite.

22. View off one side of the width of the meteorite.

23. View along the length of the meteorite from the original high ground from which the meteorite was dug out.

24. Another view along the length of the meteorite towards the reception hut.

25. A view of the Mbozi meteorite in relation to the other familiar objects to give a feel of its size.

26. View from the opposite bredthwise view from a distance to show the dug out ground to expose the meteorite.

27. Another view from the opposite breadthwise view from a distance to show the dug out ground to expose the meteorite.

28. Back to the highway junction.  No signboard on the highway to show the hidden treasure just 10 km inside!!

29. Looking for some sign of the meteorite on the other side of the signboard of the Malangali Secondary School.  The meteorite continues remains hidden ........

It should be easy to attract Tanzanians, and foreign tourists who visit the natural reserves in southern Tanzania, to go and marvel at the huge piece of iron meteorite that crashed into the wilderness of the southern highlands perhaps a thousand years ago but only unearthed in the 1930's.


(All pictures copyrighted)
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