2013 Obasanjo Prize for Scientific Discovery

Dear All,
I am pleased to announce that the call for nominations of the 

2013 Olusegun Obasanjo Prize for Scientific Discovery and/or Technological Innovation.

Is now open.

We would greatly appreciate if you could post the information below and the attached nomination forms and information sheets on your website and also disseminate them as widely as possible.


AAS invites nominations from AAS Fellows, Members of National Academies, Research Councils and Universities in the region as well as self nomination from interested individuals from Africa. The selection of women scientists is encouraged. Please complete and send us the attached Nomination Form and completenomination package as indicated below by 30th April 2013.

1.        Full name of the nominee and complete address, including current professional affiliation;

2.       Nominee’s biodata and C.V., including his academic or professional, current position, refereed communications and publications in learned journal, etc.;

3.       A critical appraisal of 1,000-2,000 words summarizing the candidate’s achievements in relation to the purpose of the Prize, and supported by published or other relevant evidence, and 3 sets of the most important and relevant reprints or documents, to be available to the Selection Committee;

4.       An indication as to whether the work (part or whole) has been recognized by any other prize or award;

5.       The names of at least 3 referees with their full addresses including telephone, telex, fax, etc., from whom further information could be sought;

6.       Written consent to candidacy by the nominee plus 2 recent passport size photographs; and

7.       Name and professional affiliation of the Nominator, with full contact details.



The Olusegun Obasanjo Prize for scientific discovery and/or innovation is intended to reward and honor African Scientists who have made outstanding contributions in the scientific discovery or technological innovation. The prize has been named in honor of President Olusegun Obasanjo in recognition of his exemplary statesmanship and leadership at national, regional and International levels and the positive role he has played in nurturing the spirit of scientific discovery and technological innovation in Africa. The prize is awarded every two years to individual scientists or a group of scientists that the Prize Selection Committee deems to have made outstanding scientific discovery or technological innovation that generate social and economic benefits of the development of the continent.




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