Author Last Name-Y

Yancey, Richard (Rick)(Y21)
5th Wave (FW)
(1) 5th Wave(2) Infinite Sea(3) The Last Star
Yancey, Richard (Rick)(Y21)
Alfred Kropp (A)
(1) The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp (2) Seal of Solomon(3) The Thirteenth Skull
Yancey, Richard (Rick)(Y21)
Monstrumologist (M)
(1) Monstrumologist(2) Curse of the Wendigo(3) Isle of Blood
Yep, Lawrence(Y471)
Golden Mountain Chronicles (GM)
(1) Dragonwings, 1903(2) Child of the Owl, 1965(3) Dragon's Gate, 1867(4) Serpent's Children, 1849(5) Mountain Light, 1885(6) Sea Glass, 1970(7) Traitor, 1885(8) Dragon Road, 1939
Yolen, Jane(Y549)
Pit Dragon (PD)
(1) Dragon's Blood(2) Heart's Blood(3) A Sending of Dragons(4) Dragon's Heart
Yolen, Jane(Y549)
Tartan Magic (T)
(1) The Wizard's Map(2) The Pictish Child(3) The Bagpiper's Ghost
Young, Moira(Y7470)
Dustlands (D)
(1) Blood Red Road