Author Last Name-F

Fantaskey, Beth(F2160)
Jessica (J)
(1) Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side(2) Jessica Rules the Dark Side
Farley, Walter(F232)
Black Stallion (B)
(Pre) Young Black Stallion(1) Black Stallion(2) Black Stallion Returns (3) Son of Black Stallion (4) Island Stallion (5) Black Stallion and Satan (6) Black Stallion's Blood Bay Colt (7) Island Stallion's Fury (8) Black Stallion's Filly(9) Black Stallion Revolt(10) Black Stallion's Sulky Colt(11) Island Stallion Races(12) Black Stallion's Courage(13) Black Stallion Mystery (14) Horse-Tamer(15) Black Stallion and Flame(16) Man O' War(17) Black Stallion Challenges(18) Black Stallion's Ghost(19) Black Stallion and the Girl(20) Black Stallion Legend(21) Black Stallion's Shadow(22) Black Stallion's Steeplechaser
Farmer, Nancy(F2341)
Sea of Trolls (S)
(1) The Sea of Trolls(2) The Land of the Silver Apples(3) Islands of the Blessed
Feinstein, John(F2997)
Sports Beat (S)
(1) Last Shot(2) Vanishing Act(3) Cover-Up(4) Change-Up (5) The Rivalry(6) Rush for Gold:
Feist, Raymond E. (F2999)
Riftwar: Conclave of Shadows (RC)
(1) Talon of the Silver Hawk (2) King of Foxes(3) Exile's Return
Ferguson, Alane(F3521)
Forensic Mystery (F)
(1) The Christopher Killer(2) The Angel of Death(3) The Circle of Blood (4) The Dying Breath
Fisher, Catherine(F5333)
Incarceron (I)
(1) Incarceron(2) Sapphique
Fisher, Catherine(F5333)
Oracle Prophecies (O)
(1) The Oracle Betrayed(2) The Sphere of Secrets(3) Day of the Scarab
Fitzpatrick, Becca(F559)
Hush, Hush (H)
(1) Hush, Hush(2) Crescendo(3) Silence(4) Finale
Flake, Sharon(F576)
Money Hungry (M)
(1) Money Hungry(2) Begging for Change
Flanagan, John(F583)
Brotherband (B)
(1) The Outcast(2) The Invaders (3) The Hunters(4) Slaves of Socorro(5) Scorpion Mountain(6) Ghostfaces(7) The Caldera (8) Return of the Temujai
Flanagan, John(F583)
Jesse Parker (JP)
(1) Storm Peak(2) Avalanche Pass
Flanagan, John(F583)
Ranger's Apprentice (R)
(1) The Ruins of Gorlan(2) The Burning Bridge(3) The Icebound Land (4) The Battle for Skandia (5) The Sorcerer of the North(6) The Siege of Macindaw(7) Erak's Ransom(8) The Kings of Clonmel(9) Halt's Peril(10) The Emperor of Nihon-Ja(11) The Lost Stories
Flanagan, John(F583)
Ranger's Apprentice: Early Years (RE)
(1) Tournament at Gorlan(2) Battle of Hackham Heath
Flanagan, John (F583)
The Royal Ranger (RR)
(1) A New Beginning apa The Royal Ranger(2) The Red Fox Clan (3) Duel at Araluen
Fletcher, Charlie(F6124)
Stoneheart (S)
(1) Stoneheart(2) Ironhand(3) Silvertongue
Fletcher, Susan(F615)
Dragon Chronicles (D)
(1) Dragon's Milk(2) Flight of the Dragon Kyn(3) Sign of the Dove(4) Ancient,Strong, and Lovely
Foody, Amanda (F6869)
The Shadow Games (SG)
(1) Ace of Shades(2) King of Fools
Forman, Gayle (F7241)
If I Stay (I)
(1) If I Stay (2) Where She Went
Forman, Mark (F7243)
Adventurers Wanted (AW)
(1) Slathbog's Gold (2) The Horn of Moran(3) Albrek's Tomb(4) Sands of Nezza(5) The Axe of Sundering
Forrest, Bella (F728)
Gender Games (G)
(1) The Gender Game (2) The Gender Secret(3) The Gender Lie(4) The Gender War(5) The Gender Fall(6) The Gender Plan (7) The Gender End
Friesner, Esther(F9127)
Nobody's Princess (N)
(1) Nobody's Princess(2) Nobody's Prize
Frost, Mark (F9395)
Paladin Prophecy (P)
(1) Paladin Prophecy (2) Alliance (3) Rogue
Fukuda, Andrew (F9617)
Hunt (H)
(1) The Hunt (2) The Prey(3) The Trap
Funke, Cornelia(F9196)
Inkheart (I)
(1) Inkheart(2) Inkspell(3) Inkdeath