Author Last Name-A

Abercrombie, Joe(A144)
First Law (F)
(1) The Blade Itself(2) Before They are Hanged(3) Last Argument of Kings
Abraham, Daniel (A1591)
Dagger and Coin (DC)
(1) The Dragon's Path (2) The King's Blood(3) The Tyrant's Law(4) The Widow's House(5) The Spider's War
Abrahams, Peter(A1598)
Echo Falls (EF)
(1) Down the Rabbit Hole(2) Behind the Curtain(3) Into the Dark
Abramson, Traci Hunter (A1618)
Saint Squad (SS)
(1) Freefall(2) Lockdown (3) Backlash(4) Crossfire(5) Smokescreen(6) Code Word(7) Lock & Key (8) Drop Zone(9) Spotlight (10) Tripwire
Adair, Liz(A191)
Spider Latham (S)
(1) The Lodger(2) After Goliath(3) Snakewater Affair (4) Trouble at the Red Pueblo(5) Death on the Red Rocks
Adams, Douglas(A2118)
Hitchhiker (H)
(1) The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy(2) The Restaurant at the End of the Universe(3) Life, the Universe and Everything(4) So Long and Thanks for All The Fish(5) Mostly Harmless
Adeyemi, Tomi (A233)
Legacy of Orisha (LO)
(1) Children of Blood and Bone (2) Children of Virtue and Vengence
Adornetto, Alexandra(A241)
Halo (H)
(1) Halo(2) Hades(3) Heaven
Aguirre, Ann (A2841)
Razorland (R)
(1) Enclave (2) Outpost(3) Horde (4) Vanguard
Ahdieh, Renee(2852)
Flame in the Mist (FM)
(1) Flame in the Mist (2) Smoke in the Sun
Aiken, Joan(A291)
Felix Brooke's Adventures (F)
(1) Go Saddle the Sea(2) Bridle the Wind(3) The Teeth of the Gale
Aiken, Joan(A291)
Wolves Chronicles (W)
(1) The Wolves of Willoughby Chase(2) Black Hearts in Battersea(3) Nightbirds on Nantucket(4) The Stolen Lake(5) Dangerous Games(6) The Cuckoo Tree(7) Dido and Pa(8) Is ( Is Underground)(9) Cold Shoulder Road(10) Midwinter Nightingale(11) The Witch of Clatteringshaws(12) The Whispering Mountain
Albin, Gennifer (A335)
Crewel World (CW)
(1) Crewel (2) Altered (3) Unraveled
Alender, Katie(A368)
Bad Girls Don't Die (BG)
(1) Bad Girls Don't Die (2) From Bad to Cursed(3) As Dead as it Gets
Alexander, Lloyd(A3769)
Chronicles of Prydain (P)
(1) The Book of Three(2) The Black Cauldron(3) The Castle of Llyr(4) Taran Wanderer(5) The High King
Alexander, Lloyd(A3769)
Vesper Holly (V)
(1) The Illyrian Adventure (2) The El Dorado Adventure (3) The Drackenberg Adventure(4) The Jedera Adventure(5) The Philadelphia Adventure (6) The Xanadu Adventure
Allen, N.C.(A4281)
Faith of Our Fathers (F)
(1) A House Divided(2) To Make Men Free(3) Through the Perilous Night(4) One Nation Under God
Allende, Isabel(A432)
City of the Beasts (C)
(1) City of the Beasts(2) Kingdom of the Golden Dragon(3) Forest of the Pygmies
Alpert, Mark (A4564)
The Six (S)
(1) The Six (2) The Siege(3) The Silence
Alten, Steve(A4661)
(1) Meg(2) TheTrench(3) Primal Waters(4) Hell's Aquarium(5) Nightstalkers(6) Generations
Anderson, Jodi Lynn(A5474)
Peaches (P)
(1) Peaches(2) The Secrets of Peaches(3) Love and Peaches
Andrews, Brian (A565) &Jeffrey Wilson
Tier One (TO)
(1) Tier One (2) War Shadows (3) Crusader One (4) American Operator
Anthony, Piers(A6287)
Xanth (X)
(1) A Spell for Chameleon(2) The Source of Magic(3) Castle Roogna(4) Centaur Aisle(5) Ogre, Ogre(6) Night Mare(7) Dragon on a Pedestal(8) Crewel Lye(9) Golem in the Gears(10) Vale of the Vole(11) Heaven Cent(12) Man from Mundania(13) Isle of View(14) Question Quest(15) The Color of Her Panties(16) Demons Don't Dream(17) Harpy Thyme(18) Geis of the Gargoyle(19) Roc and a Hard Place(20) Yon Ill Wind(21) Faun & Games(22) Zombie Lover (23) Xone of Contention(24) The Dastard(25) Swell Foop(26) Up in a Heaval(27) Cube Route(28) Currant Events(29) Pet Peeve(30) Stork Naked(31) Air Apparent (32) Two to the Fifth (33) Jumper Cable (34) Knot Gneiss(35) Well-Tempered Clavicle(36) Luck of the Draw(37) Esrever Doom(38) Board Stiff(39) Five Portraits(40) Isis Orb(41) Ghost Writer in the Sky
Armentrout, Jennifer(A7287)
Covenant (C)
(Pre) Damian (1) Half-Blood(2) Pure(3) Deity(4) Apollyon(5) Sentinel
Armentrout, Jennifer(A7287)
Lux (L)
(1) Obsidian Beginnings=Bks 1 & 2(2) Onyx(3) Opal Consequences = Bks. 3 & 4(4) Origin(5) Opposition
Asimov, Isaac(A8328)
Robots (R)
(1) I, Robot (2) Caves of Steel(3) Naked Sun(4) Robots of Dawn(5) Robots and Empire
Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia(A8872)
Den of Shadows (DS)
(1) In the Forests of the Night(2) Demon in My View(3) Shattered Mirror(4) Midnight Predator
Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia(A8872)
Kiesha'ra (K)
(1) Hawksong(2) Snakecharm(3) Falcondance(4) Wolfcry(5) Wyvernhail
Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia(A8872)
Return to Den of Shadows (RD)
(1) Token of Darkness(2) Persistence of Memory(3) All Just Glass(4) Poison Tree(5) Promises to Keep
Aveyard, Victoria (A955)
Red Queen (RQ)
(1) Red Queen (2) Glass Sword(3) King's Cage(4) War Storm
Crispin (C)
(1) The Cross of Lead(2) At the Edge of the World (3) End of Time