Author Last Name-K

Kagawa, Julie (K119)
Blood of Eden (B)
(1) The Immortal Rules(2) The Eternity Code (3) The Forever Song
Kagawa, Julie (K119)
Iron Fey (IF)
(1) The Iron King(2) The Iron Daughter(3) The Iron Queen(4) The Iron Knight
Supplement: Iron Legends (Winter's Legend ( v. 1.5), Summer's Legend (v. 3.5), Iron's Prophecy (v. 4.5)
Kagawa, Julie (K119)
Iron Fey-Forgotten (IFF)
(1) The Lost Prince (2) The Iron Traitor(3) The Iron Warrior
Kagawa, Julie (K119)
Shadow of the Fox (SF)
(1) Shadow of the Fox (2) Soul of the Sword
Karon, Jan(K1872)
Mitford (M)
(1) At Home in Mitford(2) A Light in the Window(3) These High, Green Hills(4) Out to Canaan(5) a New Song(6) A Common Life(7) In This Mountain(8) Shepherds Abiding(9) Light From Heaven
Kate, Lauren(K1956)
Fallen (F)
(1) Fallen(2) Torment(3) Passion(4) Rapture
Companion: Fallen in Love
Kate, Lauren(K1956)
Teardrop (T)
(1) Teardrop (2) Waterfall
Kaufman, Amie (K212)
Aurora Cycle (AC)
(1) Aurora Rising
Kaufman, Amie (K212)
Illuminae Files (IF)
(1) Illuminae(2) Gemina(3) Obsidio
Kaufman, Amie (K212)
Starbound (S)
(1) These Broken Stars (2) This Shattered World(3) Their Fractured Light
Kaufman, Amie (K212)
Unearthed (U)
(1) Unearthed(2) Undying
Kay, Elizabeth(K231)
Divide (D)
(1) The Divide(2) Back to the Divide(3) Jinx on the Divide
Kaye, Marilyn(K235)
Gifted (G)
(1) Out of Sight, Out of Mind(2) Better Late Than Never(3) Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
Kemmerer, Brigid(K31)
Letters to the Lost (L)
(1) Letters to the Lost(2) More Than We Can Tell
Kemp, Paul S.(K324)
Forgotten Realms: Twilight War (T)
(1) Shadowbred(2) Shadowstorm(3) Shadowrealm
Kenneally, Miranda (K34)
Hundred Oaks (H)
(1) Catching Jordan (2) Stealing Parker(3) Racing Savannah (4)Things I Can't Forget (5) Breathe, Annie, Breathe(6) Jesse's Girl (7) Defending Taylor
Kent, Alexander(K371)
Richard Bolitho (B)
(1) Midshipman Bolithoand 28 others
Kenyon, Sherrilyn(K379)
Chronicles of Nick (CN)
(1) Infinity(2) Invincible(3) Infamous(4) Inferno(5) Illusion(6) Instinct(7) Invision(8) Intensity
Kerner, Elizabeth(K398)
Lanen Kaeler (T)
(1) Song In the Silence(2) Lesser Kindred(3) Redeeming the Lost
Kimmel, Eliabeth Cody(K498)
Lily B. (L)
(1) Lily B. on the Brink of Cool (2) Lily B. on the Brink of Love(3) Lily B. on the Brink of Paris
Kincaid, S.J. (K513)
The Diabolic (D)
(1) The Diabolic (2) The Empress
Kinch, Michael P.(K513)
Blending Time (B)
(1) Blending Time(2) The Fires of New SUN
King, Emily R. (K526)
Hundredth Queen (HQ)
(1) The Hundredth Queen (2) The Fire Queen(3) The Rogue Queen
Kingsbury, Karen(K552)
Lost Love (E)
(1) Even Now(2) Ever After
Kingsbury, Karen(K552)
Firstborn (F)
(1) Fame(2) Forgiven(3) Found(4) Family(5) Forever
Kingsley, Kaza(K554)
Erec Rex (ER)
(1) The Dragon's Eye(2) The Monsters of Otherness (3) The Search for Truth
Kinsella, Sophie(K562)
Shopaholic (S)
(1) Confessions of a Shopaholic(2) Shopaholic Takes Manhattan(3) Shopaholic Ties the Knot(4) Shopaholic and Sister(5) Shopaholic and Baby(6) Mini Shopaholic
Kjelgaard, Jim(K629)
Big Red (R)
(1) Big Red(2) Irish Red, Son of Big Red(3) Outlaw Red, Son of Big Red
Kjelgaard, Jim(K629)
Snow Dog (C)
(1) Snow Dog(2) Wild Trek
Klasky, Mindy(K634)
Glasswrights (G)
(1) The Glasswright's Apprentice(2) The Glasswright's Progress(3) The Glasswright's Journeyman(4) The Glasswright's Test(5) The Glasswright's Master
Klass, David(K634)
Caretaker (C)
(1) Firestorm(2) Whirlwind(3) Timelock
Klein, Lisa(K643)
Macbeth (M)
(1) Ophelia(2) Lady Macbeth's Daughter
Koertge, Ron (K785)
Shakespeare (S)
(1) Shakespeare Bats Cleanup (2) Shakespeare Makes the Playoffs
Korman, Gordon(K845)
Dive (D)
(1) Discovery(2) Deep(3) Danger
Korman, Gordon(K845)
Everest (E)
(1) Contest(2) Climb(3) Summit
Korman, Gordon(K845)
Island (I)
(1) Shipwreck(2) Survival(3) Escape
Korman, Gordon(K845)
Kidnapped (K)
(1) Abduction(2)Search(3) Rescue
Korman, Gordon(K845)
On the Run (O)
(1) Chasing the Falconers(2) Fugitive Factor(3) Now Your See Them, Now You Don't(4) Stowaway Solution(5) Public Enemies(6) Hunting the Hunter
Korman, Gordon(K845)
Son of the Mob (S)
(1) Son of the Mob(2) Hollywood Hustle
Kostick, Conor(K868)
Epic (E)
(1) Epic(2) Saga
Kress, Adrienne(K9242)
Alex (A)
(1) Alex and the Ironic Gentleman(2) Timothy and the Dragon's Gate
Kristoff, Jay (K9293)
Lifelike (L)
(1) Lifelike(2) Deviate
Krueger, William(K942)
Cork O'Connor (C)
(1) Iron Lake(2) Boundary Waters(3) Purgatory Ridge(4) Blood Hollow(5) Mercy Falls(6) Copper River(7) Thunder Bay(8) Red Knife