Author Last Name-S

Sachar, Louis(S1211)
Holes (H)
(1) Holes(2) Small Steps
Sage, Angie(S1294)
Septimus Heap (S)
(1) Magyk(2) Flyte(3) Physic(4) Queste(5) Syren(6) Darke(7) FyreThe Magykal Papers
Salisbury, Graham(S1673)
Under the Blood-Red Sun (U)
(1) Under the Blood-Red Sun(2) House of the Red Fish
Salvatore, R.A.(S1829)
Stone of Tymora (S)
(1) Stowaway(2) Shadowmask
Sanderson, Brandon(S2161)
Mistborn (M)
(1) Final Empire(2) Well of ascension(3) Hero of Ages(4) The Alloy of Law(5) Shadows of Self(6) Bands of Mourning, The
Sanderson, Brandon(S2161)
Reckoners (R)
(1) Steelheart(2) Firefight(3) Calamity
Sanderson, Brandon(S2161)
Skyward (S)
(1) Skyward(2) Starsight
Sanderson, Brandon(S2161)
The Stormlight Archive (SA)
(1) The Way of Kings(2) Words of Radiance(3) Oathbringer
Satrapi, Marjane(S2537)
Persepolis (P)
(1) Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood(2) Persepolis 2: The Story of a Return
Savage, J. Scott(S2641)
Far World (F)
(1) Water Keep(2) Land Keep(3) Air Keep (4) Fire Keep
Schraff, Anne(S3773)
Urban Underground (U)
(1) Outrunning the Darkness(2) Shadows of Guilt(3) A Boy Called Twister(4) If You Really Loved Me(5) One of Us(6) Like a Broken Doll(7) The Quality of Mercy(8) the Fairest(9) to Be a Man(10) Wildflower
Schreiber, Ellen(S3781)
Vampire Kisses (V)
(1) Vampire Kisses(2) Kissing Coffins(3) Vampireville(4) Dance With a Vampire(5) The Coffin Club(6) Royal Blood(7) Love Bites
Schwab, Victoria(S3983)
Near Witch (NW)
(1) The Near Witch
Scieszka, Jon (S4169)
Guys Read (GR)
(1) Funny Business (2) Thriller(3) The Sports Page(4) Other Worlds
Scott, Michael(S4283)
Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel (S)
(1) The Alchemyst(2) The Magician(3) The Sorceress(4) The Necromancer(5) The Warlock
Sebatian, Laura(S4432)
Ash Princess (AP)
(1) Ash Princess(2) Lady Smoke
Sermon, Rhonda (S4862)
Timesurfers (T)
(1) Timesurfers
Shan, Darren(S5283)
Cirque du Freak (C)
(1) Cirque du Freak(2) The Vampire's Assistant(3) Tunnels of Blood(4) Vampire Mountain(5) Trials of Death(6) The Vampire Prince(7) Hunters of the Dusk(8) Allies of the Night(9) Killers of the Dawn(10) The Lake of Souls(11) Lord of the Shadows(12) Sons of Destiny
Shan, Darren(S5283)
Demonata (D)
(1) Lord Loss(2) Demon Thief(3) Slawter(4) Bec(5) Blood Beast(6) Demon Apocalypse(7) Death's Shadow(8) Wolf Island(9) Dark Calling
Shan, Darren(S5283)
Zom-B (Z)
(1) Zom-B(2) Zom-B Underground(3) Zom-B City(4) Zom-B Angels(5) Zom-B Baby(6) Zom-B Gladiator(7) Zom-B Mission(8) Zom-B Clans(9) Zom-B Family (10) Zom-B Bride
Shaara, Jeff(S5241)
Civil War (C)
Prequel: Gods and Generals(1) Killer Angels(2) Last Full Measure
Sheldon, Dyan(S5443)
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (C)
(1) Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen(2) My Perfect Life(3) Confessions of a Hollywood Star
Shelton, Mike(S5458)
Alaris Chronicles (A)
(1) The Dragon Orb(2) The Dragon Rider (3) The Dragon King
Shepard, Sara(S5475)
The Lying Game (LG)
(1) The Lying Game(2) Never Have I Ever(3) Two Truths and a Lie(4) Hide and Seek(5) Cross my Heart, Hope to Die(6) Seven Minutes in Heaven
Shinn, Sharon(S5568)
Safe-Keepers Secret (S)
(1) The Safe-Keeper's Secret(2) The Truth-Teller's Tale(3) The Dream-Maker's Magic
Shinn, Sharon(S5568)
Twelve Houses (T)
(1) Mystic and Rider(2) The Thirteenth House(3) Dark Moon Defender(4) Reader and Raelynx
Shreve, Susan(S5612)
Blister (B)
(1) Blister (2) Kiss Me Tomorrow
Shusterman, Neal(S5627)
Antsy Bonano (A)
(1) The Schwa Was Here(2) Antsy Does Time (3) Ship Out of Luck
Shusterman, Neal(S5627)
Arc of Scythe (AS)
(1) Scythe(2) Thunderhead(3) The Toll
Shusterman, Neal(S5627)
Downsiders (D)
(1) Downsiders(2) Downside Up
Shusterman, Neal(S5627)
Shadow Club (SC)
(1) The Shadow Club(2) The Shadow Club Rising
Shusterman, Neal(S5627)
Skinjacker (SJ)
(1) Everlost(2) Everwild (3) Everfound
Shusterman, Neal(S5627)
Star Shards (SS)
(1) Scorpion Shards(2) Thief of Souls(3) Shattered Sky
Shusterman, Neal(S5627)
Unwind (U)
(1) Unwind(2) Unwholly(3) Unsouled (4) Undivided(5) Unbound
Sigler, Scott (S577)
Generations (G)
(1) Alive(2) Alight(3) Alone
Silver, Eve (S5872)
The Game (G)
(1) Rush (2) Push(3) Crash
Simmons, Michael(S5926)
Lubchenko (L)
(1) Finding Lubchenko(2) The Rise of Lubchenko
Singleton, Linda Joy(S61776)
Seer (S)
(1) Don't Die, Dragonfly(2) Last Dance(3) Witch Ball(4) Sword Play(5) Fatal Charm
Sitomer, Alan(S6236)
Hoopster (S)
(1) The Hoopster(2) Hip-Hop High School(3) Homeboyz
Skurzynski, Gloria(S6296)
Virtual War Chronologs (V)
(1) The Virtual War(2) The Clones(3) The Revolt(4) The Choice
Skye, Evelyn(S6298)
Crown's Game (CG)
(1) The Crown's Game (2) The Crown's Fate
Skye, Obert(S6298)
Leven Thumps (L)
(1) Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo(2) Leven Thumps and the Whispered Secret(3) Leven Thumps and the Eyes of the Want(4) Leven Thumps And The Wrath Of Ezra(5) Leven Thumps and the Ruins of Alder
Skye, Obert(S6298)
Pillage (P)
(1) Pillage(2) Choke(3) Ambush
Sleator, William(6321)
Boxes (B)
(1) The Boxes(2) Marco's Millions
Sleator, William(6321)
Interstellar Pig (I)
(1) Interstellar Pig(2) Parasite Pig
Smith, Alexander Gordon (S6425)
Devil's Engine (DE)
(1) Hellraisers(2) Hellfighters(3) Hellwalkers
Smith, Alexander Gordon (S6425)
Escape from Furnace (F)
(1) Lockdown(2) Solitary(3) Death Sentence
Smith, Alexander McCall(S6245)
Isabel Dalhousie Sunday Philosophy Club (I)
(1) The Sunday Philosophy Club(2)Friends, lovers, chocolate(3) The right attitude to rain(4) The careful use of compliments(5) The comforts of a muddy Saturday
Smith, Alexander McCall(S6245)
No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency (N)
(1) The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency(2) Tears of the giraffe(3) Morality for beautiful girls(4) The kalahari typing school for men(5) The full cupboard of life(6) In the company of cheerful ladies(7) Blue shoes and happiness(8) The good husband of Zebra Drive(9) The miracle at Speedy Motors
Smith, Cynthia Leitich(S6449)
Tantalize (T)
(1) Tantalize(2) Eternal(3) Blessed(4) Diabolical
Smith, Sherwood(S659)
Crown and Court (C)
(1) Crown Duel(2) Court Duel
Snelling, Lauraine(S6718)
Red River of the North (R)
(1) An untamed land(2) A new day rising(3) A land to call home(4) The reaper's song(5) Tender mercies(6) Blessing in disguise
Snelling, Lauraine(S6718)
Return to Red River (RR)
(1) A dream to follow(2) Believing the dream(3) More than a dream
Snelling, Lauraine(S6718)
Secret Refuge (S)
(1) Daughter of Twin Oaks(2) Sisters of the Confederacy(3) The long way home
Sniegoski, Tom(S672)
Fallen (F)
(1) The Fallen(2) Leviathan(3) Aerie(4) Reckoning(5) End of Days
Sniegoski, Tom(S672)
Savage (S)
(1) Savage(2) Monstrous
Snyder, Zilpha Keatly(S6757)
Gib (G)
(1) Gib and the Gray Ghost(2) Gib Rides Home
Somper, Justin(S6979)
Vampirates (V)
(1) Demons of the Ocean(2) Tide of Terror(3) Blood Captain(4) Black Heart(5) Empire of the Night
Sones, Sonya(S6984)
What My Mother Doesn't Know (W)
(1) What My Mother Doesn't Know (2) What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know
Sonnenblick, Jordan(S6992)
Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie (D)
(1) Drums, Girls & Dangerous Pie(2) After Ever After
Spinelli, Jerry(S7575)
Stargirl (S)
(1) Stargirl(2) Love, Stargirl
Spradlin, Michael(S7664)
Youngest Templar (Y)
(1) Keeper of the Grail(2) Trail of Faith(3) Orphan of Destiny
Springer, Nancy(S7696)
Tales of Camelot (T)
(1) I am Mordred(2) I am Morgan le Fay
Spotswood, Jessica(S765)
Cahill Witches (CW)
(1) Born Wicked(2) Star Cursed(3) Sister's Fate
St. Crow, Lili(S77451)
Strange Angels (S)
(1) Strange Angels(2) Betrayals(3) Jealousy(4) Defiance(5) Reckoning
St. Crow, Lili(S77451)
Tales of Beauty and Madness (T)
(1) Nameless(2) Wayfarer(3) Kin
Stahler, David(S7817)
Truesight (T)
(1) Truesight(2) The Seer(3) Otherspace
Stansfield, Anita(S791)
Now and Forever (F)
(1) First Love and Forever(2) First Love, Second Chances(3) Now and Forever
Stansfield, Anita(S791)
Gables (G)
(1) Gable Faces East(2) Gables Against the Sky
Stansfield, Anita(S791)
Gables of Legacy (L)
(1) The Guardian(2) A Guiding Star(3) The Silver Linings(4) An Eternal Bond(5) The Miracle
Staples, Susanne Fisher(S7944)
Shabanu (S)
(1) Shabanu(2) Haveli(3) The House of Djinn
Staub, Wendy Corsi(S7981)
Lily Dale (L)
(1) Awakenings(2) Believing(3) Connecting(4) Discovering
Stephens, J.B.(S833)
Big Empty (B)
(1) The Big Empty(2) Paradise City(3) Desolation Angels(4) No Exit
Sternberg, Libby(S8397)
Bianca Balducci (B)
(1) Uncovering Sadie's Secrets(2) Finding the Forger(3) Recovering Dad
Stewart, Chris(S8493)
Great and Terrible (G)
(1) The Brothers(2) Where Angels Fall(3) The Second Sun(4) Fury and Light(5) From the end of Heaven(6) Clear as the Moon
Stewart, Mary(S8512)
Merlin Trilogy (M)
(1) Crystal Cave(2) Hollow Hills(3) The Last Enchantment
Stewart, Paul(S8515)
Edge Chronicles (E)
(1) Beyond the Deepwoods(2) Stormchaser(3) Midnight Over Sanctaphrax(4) The Curse of the Gloamglozer(5) The Last of the Sky Pirates(6) Vox(7) Freeglader(8) Winter Knights(9) Clash of the Sky Galleons
Stewart, Paul(S8515)
Knight's Story (K)
(1) Lake of Skulls(2) Joust of Honor
Stiefvater, Maggie(S8552)
Dreamer (D)
(1) Call Down the Hawk
Stiefvater, Maggie(S8552)
The Raven Cycle (R)
(1) The Raven Boys (2) The Dream Thieves(3) Blue Lily, Lily Blue(4) The Raven King
Stiefvater, Maggie(S8552)
Wolves of Mercy Falls (W)
(1) Shiver(2) Linger(3) Forever
Stine, R.L.(S8595)
Dangerous Girls (D)
(1) Dangerous Girls(2) Taste of Night
Stine, R.L.(S8595)
Fear Street (FS)
(1) The New Girl(2) Missing(3) The Wrong Number (also in Wrong Number series)(4) Ski Weekend(5) The Fire Game(6) Lights Out(7) The Stepsister(8) Broken Date(9) The Secret Bedroom(10) The Knife(11) The Prom Queen(12) First Date(13) Haunted(14) The Best Friend(15) The Sleepwalker(16) The Overnight(17) The Cheater(18) Halloween party(19) Sunburn(20) The Surprise Party(21) The New Boy(22) The Dare(23) Bad Dreams(24) Double Date(25) The Thrill Club(26) One Evil Summer(27) the Mind Reader(28) The Wrong Number 2 (also in Wrong Number series)(29) Truth or Dare(30) Dead End(31) Final Grade(32) Switched(33) College Weekend(34) The Stepsister 2(35) What Holly Heard(36) The Face(37) Secret Admirer(38) The Perfect Date(39) The Confession(40) The Boy Next Door(41) Night Games(42) Killer's Kiss(43) The Runaway(44) All-Night Party(45) The Rich Girl(46) Cat(47) Midnight Diary(48) Who Killed the homecoming Queen(49) Best Friends 2(50) Into the Dark(51) Trapped(52) The Stepbrother(53) Let's All Kill Jennifer(54) Camp Out
Stine, R.L.(S8595)
Fear Street Wrong Number (W)
(1) The Wrong Number(2) The Wrong Number 2
Stolarz, Laurie Faria(S8751)
Nightmares (N)
(1) Blue is for Nightmares(2) White is for Magic(3) Silver is for Secrets(4) Red is for Remembrance(5) Black is for Beginnings
Stolarz, Laurie Faria(S8751)
Touch (T)
(1) Deadly Little Secret(2) Deadly Little Lies(3) Deadly Little Games(4) Deadly Little Voices(5) Deadly Little Lessons
Stone, Tamara Ireland (S8811)
Time (T)
(1) Time Between Us (2) Time After Time
Streatfield, Noel(S914)
Shoes (S)
(1) Ballet Shoes
Stroud, Jonathan(S9254)
Bartimaeus (B)
(1) The Amulet of Samarkand(2) The Golem's Eye(3) Ptolemy's Gate(4) The Ring of Solomon
Suvada, Emily (S9678)
Mortal Coil (MC)
(1) This Mortal Coil (2) This Cruel Design