Author Last Name-J

Jacques, Brian(J194)
Castaways of the Flying Dutchman (F)
(1) Castaways of the Flying Dutchman(2) Angel's Command(3) Voyage of Slaves
Jacques, Brian(J194)
Redwall (R)
(Publication Order)(1) Redwall(2) Mossflower(3) Mattimeo(4) Mariel of Redwall(5) Salamandastron(6) Martin the Warrior(7) The Bellmaker(8) Outcast of Redwall(9) The Pearls of Lutra(10) The Long Patrol (11) Marlfox(12) The Legend of Luke(13) Lord Brocktree(14) The Taggerung(15) Triss(16) Loamhedge(17) Rakkety Tam(18) High Rhulain(19) Eulalia!(20) Doomwyte(21) The Sable Quean
Jarvis, Robin(J388)
Deptford Mice (D)
(1) The Dark Portal(2) The Crystal Prison(3) The Final Reckoning
Jensen, Danielle (J546)
Malediction (M)
(1) Stolen Songbird(2) Hidden Huntress(3) Warrior Witch (pre) The Broken Ones
Jimenez, Francisco(J615)
Circuit (C)
(1) The Circuit(2) Breaking Through
Johnson, Craig(J665)
Walt Longmire (WL)
(1) The Cold Dish(2) Death Without Company(3) Kindness gone Unpunished(4) Another Man's Moccasins(5)The Dark Horse(6) Junkyard Dogs(7) Hell is Empty(8) As the Crow Flies(9) A Serpent's Tooth(10) Any Other Name(11) Dry Bones
Johnson, David (J666)
Tucker (T)
(1) Tucker's Way (2) Unexpected Frost(3) April's Rain(4) March On(5) Who Will Hear Me When I Cry
Johnson, Maureen(J682)
Shades of London (S)
(1) The Name of the Star(2) The Madness Underneath (3) The Shadow Cabinet
Johnson, Maureen(J682)
Truly Devious (TD)
(1) Truly Devious (2) The Vanishing Stair (3) The Hand on the Wall
Jones, Carrie(J764)
Need (N)
(1) Need(2) Captivate(3) Entice(4) Endure
Jones, Diana Wynne(J767)
Chronicles of Chrestomanci (C)
(1) Charmed Life(2) The Lives of Christopher Chant(3) Witch Week(4) The Magicians of Caprona(5) Mixed Magics (short stories)(6) Stealer of Souls(7) Conrad's Fate (8) Pinhoe Egg
Jones, Diana Wynne(J767)
Dalemark (D)
(1) The Spellcoats(2) Drowned Ammet(3) Cart and Cwidder(4) The Crown of Dalemark
Jones, Diana Wynne(J767)
Derkholm (De)
(1) Dark Lord of Derkholm(2) The Year of the Griffin
Jones, Diana Wynne(J767)
Howl's Moving Castle (H)
(1) Howl's Moving Castle(2) Castle in the Air(3) House of Many Ways
Jones, Frewin(F769)
Faerie Path (F)
(1) The Faerie Path(2) The Lost Queen(3) The Sorcerer King (aka The Seventh Daughter)(4) The Immortal Realm(5) The Enchanted Quest
Jones, Frewin(F769)
Warrior Princess (W)
(1) Warrior Princess(2) Destiny's Path(3) The Emerald Flame (4) Caradoc of the North Wind
Jordan, Robert (J824)
Wheel of Time (W)
(Prequel) New Spring(1) The Eye of the Worldalso published in two volumes:1-From the Two Rivers2- To the Blight(2) The Great Hunt(3) The Dragon Reborn(4) The Shadow Rising(5) The Fires of Heaven(6) Lord of Chaos(7) A Crown of Swords(8) The Path of Daggers(9) Winter's Heart(10) Crossroads of Twilight(11) Knife of Dreams(12) Gathering Storm(13) Towers of Midnight(14) A Memory of Light