Author Last Name-M

McBride, Lish(M1195)
Necromancer (N)
(1) Hold Me Closer, Necromancer (2) Necromancing the Stone
McCaffrey, Anne(M1217)
Acorna (A)
(1) Acorna (2) Acorna's Quest (3) Acorna's People(4) Acorna's World (5) Acorna's Search
McCaffrey, Anne(M1217)
Dragonriders of Pern (D)
(1) Dragonflight (2) Dragonquest (3) The White Dragon
McCaffrey, Anne(M1217)
Harper Hall (H)
(1) Dragonsong(2) Dragonsinger(3) Dragondrums
McCaffrey, Anne(M1217)
Renegades of Pern (R)
(1) Get Off The Unicorn(2) Moreta, Dragonlady of Pern (3) Nerilka's Story (4) Dragonsdawn (5) Renegades of Pern(6) All the Weyrs of Pern(7) The Chronicles of Pern (short stories)(8) The Dolphins of Pern(9) The Dolphins' Bell(10) Red Star Rising(11) The Masterharper of Pern(12) The Skies of Pern(13) Dragon's Kin
McDaniel, Lurlene(M1342)
Always and Forever (AF)
(1) Too Young to Die (2) Goodbye Doesn't Mean Forever
McDaniel, Lurlene(M1342)
Angels (A)
(1) Angels Watching Over Me (2) Lifted Up by Angels(3) Until Angels Close My Eyes
McDaniel, Lurlene(M1342)
Angels in Pink (P)
(1) Kathleen's Story(2) Raina's Story(3) Holly's Story
McDaniel, Lurlene(M1342)
April Lancaster (B)
(1) Till Death Do Us Part (2) For Better, For Worse, Forever
McDaniel, Lurlene(M1342)
Dawn Rochelle (D)
(1) Six Months To Live(2) I Want To Live(3) So Much To Live For(4) No Time to Cry(5) To Live Again
McDaniel, Lurlene(M1342)
Erin and Amy (S)
(1) Somewhere between Life and Death(2) Time to Let Go
McDaniel, Lurlene(M1342)
Journey of Hope (J)
(1) Angel of Mercy (2) Angel of Hope
McDaniel, Lurlene(M1342)
One Last Wish (O)
(1) Mourning Song(2) A Time to Die(3) Mother, Help Me Live (4) Someone Dies, Someone Lives(5) Sixteen and Dying(6) Let Him Live(7) The Legacy: Making Wishes Come True (8) Please Don't Die (9) She Died Too Young (10) All the Days of Her Life(11) A Season for Goodbye (12) Reach For Tomorrow
McGarry, Katie(M1451)
Thunder Road (TR)
(1) Nowhere but Here (2) Walk the Edge (3) The Long Way Home
McGee, Katharine (M1453)
Thousandth Floor (TF)
(1) The Thousandth Floor (2) The Dazzling Heights(3) The Towering Sky
McGinnis, Mindy(M1458)
Not a Drop to Drink (ND)
(1) Not a Drop to Drink(2) In a Handful of Dust
McKay, Hilary(M1536)
Saffy's Angel (S)
(1) Saffy's Angel(2) Indigo's Star(3) Permanent Rose(4) Caddy Ever After(5) Forever Rose
McKinley, Robin(M1588)
Damar (D)
(1) Blue Sword(2) Hero and the Crown
McKinty, Adrian(M1588)
Lighthouse Trilogy (L)
(1) The Lighthouse Land(2) The Lighthouse War(3) The Lighthouse Keepers
McMann, Lisa (M1672)
Visions (V)
(1) Crash (2) Bang(3) Gasp
McMann, Lisa (M1672)
Wake (W)
(1) Wake(2) Fade(3) Gone
McNab, Andy(M1691)
Danny Watts (D)
(1) Traitor(2) Payback(3) Avenger
McNab, Andy(M1691)
Nick Stone (N)
(1) Remote Control
McNamee, Eoin(M1694)
Navigator (N)
(1) Navigator(2) City of Time
McNish, Cliff(M1699)
Silver Sequence (S)
(1) Silver Child(2) Silver City(3) Silver World
Maas, Sarah J. (M1118)
Court of Thorns and Roses (CTR)
(1) A Court of Thorns and Roses(2) A Court of Mist and Fury (3) A Court of Wings and Ruin (4) A Court of Frost and Starlight
Maas, Sarah J. (M1118)
Throne of Glass (TG)
(1) Throne of Glass (2) Crown of Midnight (3) Heir of Fire (4) Queen of Shadows(5) Empire of Storms(6) Tower of Dawn (7) Kingdom of Ash
Maberry, Jonathan(M1123)
Rot and Ruin (R)
(1) Rot & Ruin(2) Dust & Decay(3) Flesh & Bone(4) Fire & Ash(5) Bits & Pieces
MacHale,D.J. (M1493)
Morpheus Road (M)
(1) The Light(2) The Black(3) The Blood
MacHale,D.J. (M1493)
Pendragon (P)
(1) Merchant of Death (2) Lost City of Faar(3) The Never War (4) Reality Bug(5) Black Water (6) Rivers of Zadaa (7) The Quillan Games(8) The Pilgrims of Rayne(9) Raven Rise(10) The Soldiers of Halla
MacHale,D.J. (M1493)
(1) Sylo (2) Storm(3) Strike
Mafi, Tahereh(M1870)
Shatter Me (S)
(1) Shatter Me(2) Unravel Me (3) Ignite Me(4) Restore Me (5) Defy Me
Malcolm, Jahnna(M243)
Love Letters (L)
(1) Perfect Strangers (2) Mixed Messages(3) The Write Stuff (4) Message in a Bottle
Mangum, Lisa(M2779)
Hourglass Door (H)
(1) Hourglass Door(2) Golden Spiral(3) Forgotten Locket
Maniscalco, Kerri (M2783)
Stalking Jack the Ripper (S)
(1) Stalking Jack the Ripper (2) Hunting Prince Dracula (3) Escaping From Houdini (4) Capturing the Devil
Mantchev, Lisa(M291)
Theatre Illuminata (I)
(1) Eyes Like Stars(2) Perchance to Dream
Marcum, Robert(M3221)
House of Israel (H)
(1) The Return(2) Land Divided(3) A New Dawn
Marillier, Juliet(M336)
Bridei Chronicles (B)
(1) Dark Mirror(2) Blade of Fortriu(3) Well of Shades
Marillier, Juliet(M336)
Children of the Light Isles (C)
(1) Wolfskin (2) Foxmask
Marillier, Juliet(M336)
Sevenwaters Trilogy (S)
(1) Daughter of the Forest (2) Son of the Shadows (3) Child of the Prophecy
Marillier, Juliet(M336)
Wildwood Dancing (W)
(1) Wildwood Dancing(2) Cybele's Secret
Marr, Melissa(M358)
Untamed City (U)
(1) Carnival of Souls
Marr, Melissa(M358)
Wicked Lovely (WL)
(1) Wicked Lovely(2) Ink Exchange(3) Fragile Eternity(4) Radiant Shadows(5) Darkest Mercy(Companion) Desert Tales
Marsden, John(M364)
Ellie Chronicles (E)
(1) While I Live(2) Incurable
Marsden, John(M364)
Tomorrow (T)
(1) Tomorrow, When the War Began (2) The Dead of Night (3) The Killing Frost (4) Darkness, Be My Friend (5) Burning for Revenge (6) The Night is for Hunting (7) The Other Side of Dawn
Marsh, Katherine(M3659)
Night Tourist (N)
(1) The Night Tourist(2) The Twilight Prisoner
Massie, Elizabeth(M417)
Young Founders (Y)
(1)1609, Winter of the Dead(2) 1776, Son of Liberty (3) 1863, House Divided(4) 1870, Not With Our Blood
Matharu, Taran (M4262)
Contenders (C)
(1) The Chosen
Matharu, Taran (M4262)
Summoners (S)
(1) The Novice(2) The Inquisition (3) The Battlemage(Prequel) The Outcast
Matson, Lynne (M4343)
(1) NIL(2) NIL Unlocked(3) NIL on Fire(4) NIL Remembered
Maxwell, Lisa (M4656)
Last Magician (LM)
(1) The Last Magician (2) The Devil's Thief
Mazer, Harry(M476)
Boy at War (B)
(1) Boy at War(2) A Boy No More (3) Heroes Don't Run
Mead, Richelle(M4798)
Bloodlines (B)
(1) Bloodlines(2) The Golden Lily(3) The Indigo Spell(4) The Fiery Heart(5) Silver Shadows (6) The Ruby Circle
Mead, Richelle(M4798)
Vampire Academy (VA)
(1) Vampire Academy(2) Frostbite(3) Shadow Kiss(4) Blood Promise(5) Spirit Bound(6) Last Sacrifice
Melling, O.R.(M526)
Chronicles of Faerie (C)
(1) The Hunter's Moon(2) The Summer King(3) The Light-Bearer's Daughter
Menon, Sandhya(M5478)
Dimple and Rishi (DR)
(1) When Dimple Met Rishi(2) There's Something about Sweetie
Meyer, Kai(M6128)
Dark Reflections (D)
(1) The Water Mirror(2) The Stone Light(3) The Glass Word
Meyer, Kai(M6128)
Wave Walkers (W)
(1) Pirate Curse(2) Pirate Emperor
Meyer, Marissa(M6131)
Lunar Chronicles (LC)
(0) Fairest(1) Cinder(2) Scarlet(3) Cress(4) Winter
Meyer, Marissa(M6131)
Renegades (R)
(1) Renegades(2) Archenemies
Meyer, Stephenie(M6134)
Twilight (T)
(1) Twilight(2) New Moon(3) Eclipse(4) Breaking Dawn
Mikaelsen, Ben(M6365)
Spirit Bear (S)
(1) Touching Spirit Bear(2) Ghost of Spirit Bear
Monaghan, Annabel(M7345)
Girl Named Digit (GD)
(1) A Girl Named Digit (2) Double Digit
Montgomery, L.M.(M7879)
Anne of Green Gables (A)
Prequel--Before Green Gables (Budge Wilson)(1) Anne of Green Gables(2) Anne of Avonlea(3) Anne of the Island(4) Anne of Windy Poplars(5) Anne's House of Dreams(6) Anne of Ingleside(7) Rainbow Valley(8) Rilla of Ingleside(9) Chronicles of Avonlea(10) Further Chronicles of Avonlea
Moran, Katy(M8293)
Bloodline (B)
(1) Bloodline(2) Bloodline Rising
Morris, Gerald(M8761)
Squire's Tale (S)
(1) Squire's Tale (aka Squire Terence and the Maiden's Knight)(2) The Squire, His Knight and His Lady(3) The Savage Damsel and The Dwarf(4) Parsifal's Page(5) Ballad of Sir Dinadan(6) The Princess, the Crone, and the Dung-Cart Knight (aka Lady Sarah and the Dung-cart Knight)(7) The Lioness and her Knight(8) The Quest of the Fair Unknown(9) The Squire's Quest
Morris, Lynn(M8769)
Cheney & Shiloh: The Inheritance (I)
(1) Where Two Seas Met
Mouritsen, Laurel(M931)
Kade Family (K)
(1) In Quest of Zion
Mowll, Joshua(M9367)
Guild of Specialists (G)
(1) Operation Red Jericho(2) Operation Typhoon Shore
Muchamore, Robert (M942)
Cherub (C)
(1) The Recruit(2) The Dealer(3) Maximum Security(4) The Killing(5) Divine Madness(6) Man vs. Beast
Mull, Brandon (M9581)
Beyonders (B)
(1) A World Without Heroes(2) Seeds of Rebellion(3) Chasing the Prophecy
Mull, Brandon (M9581)
Dragonwatch (D)
(1) Dragonwatch (2) Wrath of the Dragon King
Mull, Brandon (M9581)
Fablehaven (F)
(1) Fablehaven(2) Rise of the Evening Star(3) Grip of the Shadow Plague(4) Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary(5) Keys of the Demon Prison
Murdock, Catherine(M9747)
Dairy Queen (D)
(1) Dairy Queen(2) The Off Season (3) Front and Center
Myers, E.C. (M9963)
(1) The Silence of Six (2) Against All Silence
Myers, Walter Dean(M9968)
Fallen Angels (F)
(1) Fallen Angels(2) Sunrise Over Fallujah(pre) Invasion