Author Last Name-H

Haddix, Margaret Peterson(H126)
Just Ella (J)
(1) Just Ella(2) Palace of Mirrors
Haddix, Margaret Peterson(H126)
Missing (M)
(1) Missing(2) Found(3) Sabotaged(4) Torn(5) Caught(6) Risked(7) Revealed(8) Redeemed
Haddix, Margaret Peterson(H126)
Shadow Children (S)
(1) Among the Hidden(2) Among the Impostors(3) Among the Betrayed(4) Among the Barons(5) Among the Brave(6) Among the Enemy(7) Among the Free
Hale, Shannon(H164)
Books of Bayern (B)
(1) Goose Girl(2) Enna Burning(3) River Secrets(4) Forest Born
Hall, Maggie (H1781)
Conspiracy of Us (C)
(1) Conspiracy of Us (2) Map of Fates(3) Ends of the World
Hamilton, Virginia(H221)
Cousins (C)
(1) Cousins(2) Second Cousins
Hamilton, Virginia(H221)
Dies Drear (D)
(1) House of Dies Drear(2) Mystery of Drear House
Hamilton, Virginia(H221)
Justice trilogy (J)
(1) Justice and Her Brothers(2) Dustland(3) The Gathering
Han, Jenny (H2332)
Loved Before (LB)
(1) To All the Boys I've Loved Before(2) P.S. I Still Love You (3) Always and Forever, Lara Jean
Hand, Cynthia (H23612)
Unearthly (U)
(1) Unearthly (2) Hallowed (3) Boundless
Hanley, Victoria(H2418)
Seer and the Sword (S)
(1) The Seer and the Sword(2) The Healer's Keep(3) The Light of the Oracle
Harris, Christine(H3136)
Undercover Girl (U)
(1) Secrets(2) Fugitive(3) Nightmare(4) Danger
Harrison, Lisi(H3199)
Clique (publication order)
(1) The Clique(2) Best Friends for Never(3) Revenge of the Wannabees(4) Invasion of the Boy Snatchers (5) Pretty Committee Strikes Back(6) Dial L for Loser(7) It's Not Easy Being Mean(8) Sealed with a Diss(9) Bratfest at Tiffany's(10) P.S. I Loathe You(11) Boys R Us(12) Charmed and Dangerous(13) These Boots Are Made for Stalking
Harrison, Mette(H3212)
Princess and the Hound (P)
(1) Princess and the Hound(2) Princess and the Bear
Harris, M.G.(H3161)
Joshua Files (J)
(1) Invisible City(2) Ice Shock(3) Zero Moment(4) Dark Parallel
Hartman, Rachel(H3333)
Seraphina (S)
(1) Seraphina (2) Shadow Scale
Hautman, Pete(H381)
Bloodwater Mysteries (B)
(1) Snatched(2) Skullduggery(3) Doppelganger
Hautman, Pete(H381)
Klaatu Diskos (K)
(1)The Obsidian Blade (2) The Cydonian Pyramid(3) The Klaatu Terminus
Hayes, Daniel(H4714)
Tyler and Lymie (T)
(1) The Trouble With Lemons(2) Eye of the Beholder(3) No Effect
Heath, Jack(H4378)
Lab (L)
(1) The Lab(2) Remote Control
Heimerdinger, Chris(H4678)
Tennis Shoes Adventure (T)
(1) Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites(2) Gadiantons and the Silver Sword(3) The Feathered Serpent, Part One(4) The Feathered Serpent, PartTwo(5)Tennis Shoes and the Seven Churches (The Sacred Quest)(6) The Golden Crown
Heitzmann, Kristen(H4738)
Diamond of the Rockies (D)
(1) The Rose Legacy(2) Sweet Boundless(3) The Tender Vine
Heitzmann, Kristen(H4738)
Rocky Mountain Legacy (R)
(1) Honor's Pledge(2) Honor's Price(3) Honor's Quest(4) Honor's Disguise(5) Honor's Reward
Henderson, Dee(H4963)
O'Malleys (O)
(Prequel) Danger in the Shadows(1) The Negotiator(2) The Guardian(3) The Truth Seeker(4) The Protector(5) The Healer(6) The Rescuer
Henderson, Dee(H4963)
Uncommon Heroes (U)
(1) True Devotion(2) True Valor(3) True Honor(4) True Courage
Henderson, Lauren(H4969)
Scarlett Wakefield (SW)
(1) Kiss Me Kill Me(2) Kisses and Lies(3) Kiss in the Dark (4) Kiss of Death
Henry, April(H5212)
Girl, Stolen (GS)
(1) Girl, Stolen(2) Count All Her Bones
Herbach, Geoff(H534)
Felton Reinstein (FR)
(1) Stupid Fast(2) Nothing Special(3) I'm with Stupid
Herbert, Frank(H5365)
Dune (D)
(1) Dune(2) Dune Messiah(3) Children of Dune(4) God Emperor of Dune(5) Heretics of Dune(6) Chapterhouse, Dune
Higgins, Jack(H6365)
Rich and Jade (R)
(1) Sure Fire(2) Death Run(3) Sharp Shot
Higgs, Liz Curtis Higgs(H637)
Rose (R)
(1) Thorn in My Heart(2) Fair is the Rose(3) Whence Came a Prince(4) Grace in Thine Eyes
Hightman, Jason(H6388)
Saint of Dragons (S)
(1) The Saint of Dragon(2) Samurai
Higson, Charlie(H6389)
Young Bond (YB)
(1) Silverfin(2) Blood Fever(3) Double or Die
Higson, Charlie(H6389)
Enemy (E)
(1) The Enemy(2) The Dead(3) The Fear
Hill, Stuart(H6483)
Chronicles of Icemark (I)
(1) The Cry of the Icemark(2) Blade of Fire(3) Last Battle of the Icemark
Hill, WIll (H6488)
Department Nineteen (DN)
(1) Department Nineteen(2) The Rising(3) Battle Lines(4) Zero Hour (5) Darkest Night
Hillerman, Tony(H652)
Jim Chee (C)
(1) People of Darkness(2) Dark Wind(3) The Ghostway
Hillerman, Tony(H652)
Joe Leaphorn (L)
(1) The Blessing Way(2) Dance Hall of the Dead(3) Listening Woman(4) Skinwalkers(5) A Thief of Time(6) Talking God(7) Coyote Waits(8) Sacred Clowns(9) Fallen Man(10) First Eagle(12) Hunting Badger(13) Wailing Wind(14) Sinister Pig(15) Skeleton Man(16) The Shape Shifter
Hobb, Robin(H6821)
Tawny Man (T)
(1) Fool's Errand(2) Golden Fool(3) Fool's Fate
Hobbs, Will(H6827)
Bearstone (B)
(1) Bearstone(2) Beardance
Hobbs, Will(H6827)
Downriver (D)
(1) Downriver(2) River Thunder
Hobbs, Will(H6827)
Jason's Gold (J)
(1) Jason's Gold(2) Down The Yukon
Hocking, Amanda (H6858)
Tyrelle (T)
(1) Switched(2) Torn(3) Ascend
Hocking, Amanda (H6858)
Watersong (W)
(1) Wake (2) Lullaby (3) Tidal(4) Elegy
Hodges, Aaron(H6886)
Sword of Light (SL)
(1) Stormwielder(2) Firestorm contained in one book(3) Soul Blade
Hoeye, Michael(H696)
Hermux Tantamoq (H)
(1) Time Stops for No Mouse(2) The Sands of Time(3) No Time Like Show Time(4) Time to Smell the Roses
Hoffman, Mary(H7111)
Stravaganza (S)
(1) City of Masks(2) City of Stars(3) City of Flowers(4) City of Secrets(5) City of Ships
Hoh, Diane(H717)
Med Center (M)
(1) Virus(2) Flood
Holm, Jennifer(H7472)
Boston Jane (B)
(1) Boston Jane: Adventure(2) Boston Jane: Wilderness Days(3) Boston Jane: The Claim
Holt, Simon(H7584)
Devouring (D)
(1) The Devouring(2) Soulstice
Hoobler, Dorothy(H776)
Ghost in the Tokaido Inn (G)
(1) Ghost in the Tokaido Inn(2) Demon in the Teahouse(3) In Darkness, Death(4) The Sword That Cut The Burning Grass(5) A Samurai Never Fears Death(6) Seven Paths to Death
Hopkins, Cathy(H7935)
Mates, Dates (M)
(1) Mates, Dates and Inflatable Bras(2) Mates, Dates and Cosmic Kisses(3) Mates, Dates and Cosmic Kisses(4) Mates, Dates and Sleepover Secrets(5) Mates, Dates and Sole Survivors(6) Mates, Dates and Mad Mistakes(7) Mates, Dates and Sequin Smiles(8) Mates, Dates and Tempting Trouble(9) Mates, Dates and Great Escapes (10) Mates, Dates and Chocolate Cheats (11) Mates, Dates and Diamond Destiny (12) Mates, Dates and Sizzling Summers
Hopkins, Cathy(H7935)
Truth or Dare (T)
(1) White Lies and Barefaced Truths(2) Princess of Pop(3) Teen Queens and Has-Beens(4) Starstruck(5) Double Dare(6) Midsummer Meltdown(7) Love Lottery(8) All Mates Together
Horowitz, Anthony(H8166)
Alex Rider (A)
(1) Stormbreaker(2) Point Blank(3) Skeleton Key(4) Eagle Strike(5) Scorpia(6) Ark Angel(7) Snakehead(8) Crocodile Tears(9) Scorpia Rising
Horowitz, Anthony(H8166)
Diamond Brothers (D)
(1) The Falcon's Malteser(2) Public Enemy Number Two(3) South by South East(4) The French Confection (novella)(5) The Blurred Man (novella)(6) I Know What You Did Last Wednesday (novella)(7) The Greek Who Stole Christmas
Horowitz, Anthony(H8166)
Gatekeepers (G)
(1) Raven's Gate(2) Evil Star(3) Nightrise(4) Necropolis
Houck, Colleen(H835)
Reawakened (R)
(1) Reawakened(2) Recreated(3) Reunited
Houck, Colleen(H835)
Tiger's Curse (T)
(1) Tiger's Curse(2) Tiger's Quest(3) Tiger's Voyage(4) Tiger's Destiny (5) Tiger's Dream
Howard, AG (H8481)
Splintered (S)
(1) Splintered(2) Unhinged (3) Ensnared
Howe, James(H856)
Misfits (M)
(1) The Misfits(2) Totally Joe
Howe, Norma(H857)
Blue Avenger (B)
(1) The Adventures of the Blue Avenger(2) Blue Avenger Cracks the Code(3) Blue Avenger and the Theory of Everything
Howson, Imogen (H866)
Linked (L)
(1) Linked (2) Unravel
Hughes, Dean(H8933)
Children of the Promise (C)
(1) Rumors of War(2) Since You Went Away(3) Far From Home(4) When We Meet Again(5) As Long As I Have You
Hughes, Dean(H8933)
Hearts of the Children (H)
(1) Writing on the Wall(2) Troubled Waters(3) How Many Roads?(4) Take Me Home(5) So Much of Life Ahead
Humphreys, Chris(H9272)
Runestone Saga (R)
(1) The Fetch(2) Vendetta(3) Possession
Hunt, Angela Elwell(H9392)
Legacies of the Ancient River (L)
(1) Dreamers(2) Brothers(3) Journey
Hunter, C.C.(H9452)
Shadow Falls (SF)
(1) Born at Midnight(2) Awake at Dawn(3) Taken at Dusk(4) Whispers at Moonrise(5) Chosen at Nightfall
Hunter, Erin(H9455)
Warriors (W)
(1) Into the Wild(2) Fire and Ice(3) Forest of Secrets(4) Rising Storm(5) Dangerous Path(6) Darkest Hour
Hurley, Tonya (H9657)
Ghostgirl (G)
(1) Ghostgirl(2) Homecoming(3) Lovesick
Hurwin, Davida Willis(H9677)
Time for Dancing (T)
(1) A Time for Dancing(2) The Farther You Run