Author Last Name-L

Lackey, Mercedes(L141)
Dragon Jousters (D)
(1) Joust(2) Alta(3) Sanctuary
Lackey, Mercedes(L141)
500 Kingdoms (500)
(1) Fairy Godmother(2) One Good Knight(3) Fortune's Fool(4) Snow Queen
Lackey, Mercedes(L141)
Hunter (H)
(1) Hunter (2) Elite (3) Apex
LaFaye, A.(L161)
Nissa (N)
(1) Year of the Sawdust Man(2) Nissa's Place
Lake, A.J.(L1921)
Darest Age (D)
(1) The Coming of Dragons(2) The Book of the Sword
L'Amour, Louis(L236)
Sacketts (S)
(1) Sackett's Land circa 1600(2) To the Far Blue Mountains circa 1600-1620(3) The Warrior's Path circa 1620s(4) Jubal Sackett circa 1620s(5) Ride the River circa 1840s-1850s (before Civil War)(6) The Daybreakers circa 1870-1872(7) Courting Griselda (8) Lando 1873-1875(9) Sackett circa 1874-1875(10) Booty for a Badman(11) Mojave Crossing circa 1875-1879(12) Sackett Brand circa 1875-1879(13) Skyliners circa 1875-1879(14) Lonely Men circa 1875-1879(15) Mustang Man circa 1875-1879(16) Galloway circa 1875-1879(17) Treasure Mountain circa 1875-1879(18) Ride the Dark Trail circa 1875-1879(19) Lonely on the Mountain circa 1875-1879
Landers, Melissa (L255)
Alienated (A)
(1) Alienated (2) Invaded(3) United
Landers, Melissa (L255)
Starflight (S)
(1) Starflight(2) Starfall
Lane, Andy(L2651)
Sherlock Holmes: The Legend Begins (SH)
(1) Death Cloud
Langrish, Katherine(L285)
Troll (T)
(1) Troll Fell(2) Troll Mill(3) Troll Blood
Lawhead, Stephen(L417)
Dragon King (DK)
(1) In the Hall of the Dragon King(2) The Warlords of Nin(3) The Sword and the Flame
Lawhead, Stephen(L417)
King Raven (KR)
(1) Hood (2) Scarket(3) Tuck
Lawhead, Stephen(L417)
Song of Albion (SA)
(1) The Paradise War(2) The Silver Hand(3) The Endless Knot
Lawrence, Iain(L4213)
Curse of the Jolly Stone (J)
(1) The Convicts(2) The Cannibals(3) The Castaways
Lawrence, Iain(L4213)
High Seas trilogy (HS)
(1) The Wreckers(2) The Smugglers(3) The Buccaneers
Lawrence, Michael(L422)
Crack in the Line (C)
(1) Crack in the Line(2) Small Eternities(3) The Underwood See
Lee, Harper (L4782)
To Kill a Mockingbird (KM)
(1) To Kill a Mockingbird (2) Go Set a Watchman
Lee, Patrick(L4794)
Travis Chase (TC)
(1) The Breach(2) Ghost Country
Lee, Tanith(L4817)
Piratica (P)
(1) Piratica(2) Return to Parrot Island
LeGuin, Ursula K.(L521)
Annals of the Western Shore (G)
(1) Gifts(2) Voices(3) Powers
LeGuin, Ursula K.(L521)
Earthsea (E)
(1) Wizard of Earthsea(2) Tombs of Atuan(3) Farthest Shore(4) Tehanu: the last book of Earthsea(5) The Other Wind(6) Tales from Earthsea (short stories)
L'Engle, Madeleine(L5662)
Austin Family (A)
(1) Meet the Austins(2) Moon by Night(3) Young Unicorns(4) Ring of Endless Light(5) Troubling a Star
L'Engle, Madeleine(L5662)
Murry Family (M)
(1) Wrinkle in Time(2) Wind in the Door(3) Swiftly Tilting Planet(4) Many Waters
L'Engle, Madeleine(L5662)
O'Keefe Family (O)
(1) Arm of the Starfish(2) Dragons in the Waters(3) House Like a Lotus(4) An Acceptable Time
LeNy, Jeanine(L574)
Once Upon a Prom (O)
(1) Dream(2) Dress(3) Date
Lerangis, Peter(L614)
Watchers (W)
(1) Last Stop(2) Rewind(3) I.D.(4) War(5) Island(6) Lab 6
Levenseller, Tricia (L6576)
Daughter of the Pirate King (D)
(1) Daughter of the Pirate King(2) Daughter of the Siren Queen
Levine, Gail Carson (L6655)
Princess Tales (P)
(1) Fairy's Mistake(2) Princess Test(3) Princess Sonora and the Long Sleep(5) Cinderellis and the Glass Hill(6) For Biddle's Sake(7) The Fairy's Return
Lewis, Beverly(L6733)
Abram' Daughters (A)
(1) Covenant(2) Betrayal(3) Sacrafice(4) Prodigal(5) Revelation
Lewis, Beverly(L6733)
Annie's People (AP)
(1) Preacher's Daughter(2) The Englisher(3) The Brethren
Lewis, Beverly(L6733)
Heritage of Lancaster County (H)
(1) The Shunning(2) The Confession(3) The Reckoning
Lewis, C.S.(L6734)
Chronicles of Narnia (N)
(Chronological Order)(1) Magician's Nephew #6(2) The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe #1(3) Horse and His Boy #5(4) Prince Caspian #2(5) Voyage of the Dawntreader #3(6) Silver Chair #4(7) Last Battle #7
L'Homme, Erik(L691)
Book of the Stars (S)
(1) Quadehar the Sorcerer(2) Mystery of Lord Sha (3) Face of the Shadow
Lichtman, Wendy(L6999)
Secrets, Lies and Algebra, Do the Math (D)
(1) Secrets, Lies and Algebra(2) The Writing on the Wall
Lindsey, Mary (L753)
Souls (S)
(1) Shattered Souls(2) Fragile Spirits
Liparulo, Robert(L7641)
Dreamhouse Kings (D)
(1) House of Dark Shadows(2) Watcher in the Wood(3) Gatekeepers(4) Time Scape(5) Whirlwind(6) Frenzy
Lipsyte, Robert(L7676)
Contender (C)
(1) The Contender(2) The Brave(3) The Chief(4) Warrior Angel
Livingston, Lesley (L786)
Valiant (V)
(1) The Valiant (2) The Defiant(3) The Triumphant
Livingston, Lesley (L786)
Wondrous Strange (W)
(1) Wondrous Strange(2) Darklight(3) Tempestuous
Lodge, Gytha(L822)
DCI Jonah Sheens (JS)
(1) She Lies in Wait
London, Alex(L8471)
Proxy (P)
(1) Proxy (2) Guardian
Lonsdale, Kerry (L862)
Everything (E)
(1) Everything We Keep (2) Everything We Left Behind
Lore, Pittacus(L868)
Lorien Legacy (L)
(1) I am Number four(2) The Power of Six(3) The Rise of Nine(4) The Fall of Five(5) The Revenge of Seven(6) The Fate of Ten (7) United as One
Lowry, Lois(L9216)
Giver Companions (G)
(1) The Giver(2) Gathering Blue(3) Messenger
Lu, Marie (L9265)
Legend (L)
(1) Legend(2) Prodigy (3) Champion (4) Rebel
Lu, Marie (L9265)
Warcross (W)
(1) Warcross(2) Wildcard
Lu, Marie (L9265)
Young Elites (YE)
(1) The Young Elites (2) The Rose Society (3) The Midnight Star
Lubar, David(L9269)
Hidden Talents (T)
(1) Hidden Talents(2) True Talents
Luckett, Dave(L941)
Rhianna Chronicles (R)
(1) The Girl, the Dragon, and the Wild Magic(2) The Girl, the Apprentice, and the Dogs of Iron(3) The Girl, The Queen, and the Castle
Ludlum, Robert(L945)
Bourne (B)
(1) Bourne Identity(2) Bourne Supremacy(3) Bourne Ultimatum(4) Bourne Legacy (Lustbader)(5) Bourne Betrayal (Lustbader)(6) Bourne Sanction (Lustbader)(7) Bourne Deception
Lund, Gerald(L9621)
Kingdom and the Crown (K)
(1) Fishers of Man(2) Come Unto Me(3) Behold the Man
Lund, Gerald(L9621)
Work and the Glory (W)
(1) Pillar of Light(2) Like a Fire Is Burning(3) Truth Will Prevail(4) Thy Gold to Refine(5) a Season of Joy(6) Praise to the Man(7) No Unhallowed Hand(8) So Great a Cause(9) All Is Well
Lunetta, Demitria (L9629)
In the After (I)
(1) In the After (2) In the End
Lupica, Mike(L965)
Comeback Kids (CB)
(1) Hot Hand(2) Two-minute Drill(3) Safe at Home(4) Long Shot
Lupica, Mike(L965)
Travel Team (T)
(1) Travel Team(2) Summer Ball
Lyga, Barry (L984)
Jasper Dent (J)
(1) I Hunt Killers(2) Game(3) Blood of my Blood
Lynch, Chris (L9872)
Vietnam (V)
(1) I Pledge Allegiance(2) Sharpshooter(3) Free-Fire Zone(4) Casualties of War(5) Walking Wounded
Lynn, Jodi(L9893)
Glory (G)
(1) Glory(2) Shadow Tree(3) Blue Girl(4) Forget Me Not