Author Last Name-W

Walker, Jim(W1814)
Wells Fargo Trail (WF)
(1) Dreamgivers(2) Nightriders(3) The Rail Kings(4) The Rawhiders(5) The Desert Hawks(6) Oyster Pirates(7) Warriors(8) Ice Princess
Walker, Melissa(W182)
Ashes (A)
(1) Ashes to Ashes (2) Dust to Dust
Walker, Nina(W182)
Color Alchemist (C)
(1) Prism(2) Fracture(3) Blackout(4) Collide
Wallach, Tommy (W195)
The Anchor and Sophia (AS)
(1) Strange Fire
Walter, Eric (W2353)
Rule of Three (RT)
(1) Rule of Three(2) Fight for Power(3) Will to Survive
Ward, James M.(W2592)
Halcyon Blithe (H)
(1) Midshipwizard Halcyon Blithe(2) Dragonfrigate Wizard Halcyon Blithe
Ward, Rachel (W262)
Numbers (N)
(1) Num8ers(2) The Chaos (3) Infinity
Wasserman, Robin(W322)
Chasing Yesterday (C)
(1) Awakening(2) Betrayal(3) Truth
Watson, Jude(W3396)
Premonitions (P)
(1) Premonitions(2) Disappearance
Watson, Jude(W3396)
Star Wars: Jedi Quest (JQ)
(1) The Way of the Apprentice(2) The Trail of the Jedi(3) The Dangerous Games(4) The Master of Disguise(5) The School of Fear(6) The Shadow Trap(7) The Moment of Truth(8) The Changing of the Guard(9) The False Peace(10) The Final Showdown
Weaver, Will(W3639)
Billy Baggs (B)
(1) Striking Out(2) Farm Team(3) Hard Ball
Weaver, Will(W3639)
Memory Boy (M)
(1) Memory Boy(2) The Survivors
Wein, Elizabeth (W4231)
Code Name Verity (C)
(1) Code Name Verity
Wells, Martha (W455)
Murderbot Diaries (MD)
(1) All Systems Red (2) Artificial Condition (3) Rogue Protocol(4) Exit Strategy
Wells, Robison E. (W455)
Variant (V)
(1) Variants (2) Feedback
Werlin, Nancy(W489)
Impossible (I)
(1) Impossible(2) Extraordinary
West, Kasie (W518)
Pivot Point (PP)
(1) Pivot Point (2) Split Second
Westerfeld, Scott(W526)
Leviathan (L)
(1) Leviathan(2) Behemoth(3) Goliath
Westerfeld, Scott(W526)
Midnighters (M)
(1) The Secret Hour(2) Touching Darkness(3) Blue Noon
Westerfeld, Scott(W526)
Peeps (P)
(1) Peeps(2) The Last Days
Westerfeld, Scott(W526)
Spill Zone (SZ)
(1) Spill Zone (2) The Broken Vow
Westerfeld, Scott(W526)
Uglies (U)
(1) Uglies(2) Pretties(3) Specials(4) Extras(5) Impostors (6) Shatter City
Wexler, Django (W545)
Shadow Campaign (SC)
(1) The Thousand Names(2) The Shadow Throne(3) The Price of Valor(4) The Guns of Empire
Weyn, Suzanne(W549)
Barcode (B)
(1) Barcode Tattoo(2) Barcode Rebellion(3) The Barcode Prophecy
Weyn, Suzanne(W549)
Forever Angels (F)
(1) Christina's Angel(2) Katie's Angel
Wheeler, Jeff (W5634)
Kingfountain (K)
(1)The Queen's Poisoner(2) The Thief's Daughter(3) The King's Traitor(4) The Hollow Crown(5) The Silent Shield(6) The Forsaken Throne (Pre) The Maid's War(Pre) The Poisoner's Enemy
White, Kiersten (W5858)
The Conqueror's Saga (CS)
(1) And I Darken (2) Now I Rise(3) Bright We Burn
Wick, Lori(W6361)
English Garden (E)
(1) The Proposal(2) The Rescue(3) The Visitor(4) The Pursuit
Wick, Lori(W6361)
Kensington Chronicles (K)
(Prequel) The Knight and the Dove (1) The Hawk and the Jewel(2) Wings of the Morning(3) Who Brings Forth the Wind
Wick, Lori(W6361)
Tucker Mills Trilogy (T)
(1) Moonlight on the Millpond(2) Just Above a Whisper(3) Leave a Candle Burning
Wilder, Laura Ingalls(W6732)
Little House (L)
(1) Little House in the Big Woods(2) Little House on the Prairie(3) Farmer Boy(4) On the Banks of Plum Creek(5) By the Shores of Plum Creek(6) The Long Winter(7) Little Town on the Prairie(8) These Happy Golden Years(9) The First Four Years
Williams, Avery(W7215)
Incarnation (I)
(1) The Alchemy of Forever
Williams, Tad(W7275)
Otherland (O)
(1) City of Golden Shadow(2) River of Blue Fire(3) Mountain of Black Glass(4) Sea of Silver Light
Wilson, F. Paul(W7481)
Repairman Jack for Teens (J)
(1) Secret Histories(2) Secret Circles(3) Secret Vengeance
Withers, Pam(W8243)
Take it to the Extreme (X)
(1) Raging River(2) Peak Survival(3) Adrenalin Ride(4) Skater Stuntboys(5) Surf Zone(6) Vertical Limits(&) Dirtbike Daredevils(8) Wake's Edge(9) BMX Tunnel Run(10) Mountainboard Maniacs
Wolf, Sara(W8551)
Bring Me Their Hearts (BH)
(1) Bring Me Their Hearts
Wrede, Patricia C.(W944)
Enchanted Forest Chronicles (E)
(1) Dealing with Dragons(2) Searching for Dragons(3) Calling on Dragons(4) Talking to Dragons
Wright, Natalie (W9523)
H.A.L.F. (H)
(1) The Deep Beneath (2) The Makers(3) Origins