Author Last Name-G

Garber, Stephanie(G213)
Caraval (C)
(1) Caraval(2) Legendary (3) Finale
Garcia, Kami(G2165)
Caster Chronicles (CC)
(1) Beautiful Creatures(2) Beautiful Darkness(3) Beautiful Chaos (4) Beautiful Redemption
Garcia, Kami(G2165)
Dangerous Creatures (DC)
(1) Dangerous Creatures (2) Dangerous Deception
Garfield, Henry(G2312)
Moondog (M)
(1) Moondog(2) Room 13(3) Tartabull's Throw
Gardner, Lynn(G2277)
Anastasia (A)
(1) Emeralds and Espionage(2) Pearls and Peril(3) Diamonds and Danger(4) Turquoise and Terrorists(5) Sapphires and Smugglers(6) Amethysts and Arson(7) Jade and Jeopardy(8) Opals and Outrage(9) Rubies and Rebels(10) Topaz and Treachery
Gardner, Lynn(G2277)
Maggie McKenzie (M)
(1) Vanished(2) Pursued
Gardner, Sally(G2286)
Red Necklace (R)
(1) Red Necklace(2) Silver Blade
Gaughen, A.C. (G268)
Scarlet (S)
(1) Scarlet(2) Lady Thief (3) Lion Heart
George, Jean Craighead (G3483)
Julie (J)
(1) Julie of the Wolves(2) Julie(3) Julie's Wolf Pack
George, Jean Craighead (G3483)
My Side of the Mountain (M)
(1) My side of the Mountain(2) On the far Side of the Mountain(3) Frightful's Mountain
Gibson, Marley(G4496)
Ghost Huntress (G)
(1) The Awakening(2) The Guidance(3) The Reason
Gidwitz, Adam (G4539)
Tale Dark & Grimm (T)
(1) A Tale Dark and Grimm(2) In a Glass Grimmly(3) The Grimm Conclusion
Gier, Kerstin (G454)
Ruby Red (R)
(1) Ruby Red (2) Sapphire Blue(3) Emerald Green
Gier, Kerstin (G454)
Silver (S)
(1) Dream a Little Dream (2) Dream On(3) Just Dreaming
Giff, Patricia Reilly (G456)
Nory (N)
(1) Nory Ryan's Song(2) Maggie's Door
Gilman, David(G4870)
Danger Zone (D)
(1) Devil's Breath(2) Ice Claw(3) Blood Sun
Gilmour, H.B.(G4887)
T*Witches (T)
(1) Power of Two(2) Building a Mystery(3) Seeing is Deceiving(4) Dead Wrong(5) Don't Think Twice(6) Double Jeopardy(7) Kindred Spirits(8) The Witch Hunters(9) Split Decision(10) Destiny's Twins
Gliori, Debi(G561)
Strega-Borgias (S)
(1) Pure Dead Magic(2) Pure Dead Wicked(3) Pure Dead Brilliant(4) Pure Dead Trouble(5) Pure Dead Batty(6) Pure Dead Frozen
Golden Christopher(G6186)
Body of Evidence (B)
(1) Body Bags(2) Thief of Hearts(3) Soul Survivor(4) Meets the Eye(5) Head Games(6) Skin Deep(7) Burning Bones(8) Brain Trust(9) Last Breath(10) Throat Culture
Golden Christopher(G6186)
OutCast (O) aka Magic Zero
(1) The Un-Magicianapa Magic Zero(2) Dragon Secrets(3) Ghostfire(4) Wurm War apa Battle for Arcanum
Goodman, Alison(G6531)
Dragoneye Reborn (D)
(1) Eon(2) Eona
Goodman, Carol (G6531)
Blythewood (B)
(1) Blythewood(2) Ravencliffe(3) Hawthorn
Goodman, Joan Elizabeth(G6534)
Winter Hare (W)
(1) Winter Hare(2) Peregrine
Graceffa, Joey (G7298)
Children of Eden (CE)
(1) Children of Eden (2) Elites of Eden
Grafton, Sue(G737)
Kinsey Millhone (K)
(1) A is for Alibi(2) B is for Burglar(3) C is for Corpse(4) D is for Deadbeat(5) E is for Evidence(6) F is for Fugitive(7) G is for Gumshoe(8) H is for Homicide(9) I is for Innocent(10) J is for Judgment(11) K is for Killer(12) L is for Lawless(13) M is for Malice(14) N is for Noose(15) O is for Outlaw(16) P is for Peril(17) Q is for Quarry(18) R is for Ricochet(19) S is for Silence(20) T is for Trespass
Grant, K.M.(G7624)
De Granville trilogy (G)
(1) Blood Red Horse(2) Green Jasper(3) Blaze of Silver
Grant, K.M.(G7624)
Perfect Fire (PF)
(1) Blue Flame(2) White Heat(3) Paradise Red
Grant, Michael (G7626)
Gone (G)
(1) Gone(2) Hunger(3) Lies(4) Plague(5) Fear(6) Light(7) Monster(8) Villain(9) Hero
Gray, Claudia(G7785)
Evernight Academy (E)
(1) Evernight(2) Stargazer(3) Hourglass(4) Afterlife(5) Balthazar
Gray, Claudia(G7785)
Firebird (F)
(1) A Thousand Pieces of You (2) Ten Thousand Skies Above You(3) A Million Worlds with You
Greaney, Mark(G78611)
Gray Man (GM)
(1) The Gray Man (2) On Target(3) Ballistic(4) Dead Eye(5) Back Blast(6) Gunmetal Gray
Green, Betsy Brannon(G7953)
Haggerty, Georgia (H)
(1) Hearts in Hiding(2) Never Look Back(3) Until Proven Guilty(4) Don't Close Your Eyes(5) Above Suspicion(6) Foul Play(7) Silenced
Green, Tim(G7982)
Football Genius (F)
(1) Football Genius(2) Football Hero(3) Football Champ(4) Big Time(5) Deep Zone(6) Perfect Season
Gregory, Kristiana(G8229)
Prairie River (P)
(1) Journey of Faith(2) Grateful harvest(3) Winter Tidings(4) Hope Springs Eternal
Grey, Melissa (G844)
Girl at Midnight (GM)
(1) The Girl at Midnight (2) The Shadow Hour
Griffin, Bethany(G8512)
Masque of the Red Death (RD)
(1) Masque of the Red Death(2) Dance of the Red Death
Griffin, WEB(G8527)
Men at War (M)
(1) The Last Heroes(2) The Secret Warriors(3) The Soldier Spies(4) The Fighting Agents(5) The Saboteurs(6) The Double Agents
Griffin, WEB(G8527)
Presidential Agent (P)
(1) By Order of the President(2) The Hostage(3) The Hunters(4) The Shooters
Grisham, John(G8695)
Theodore Boone (TB)
(1) Kid Lawyer(2) The Abduction