Author Last Name-P

Paolini, Christopher(P211)
Inheritance (I)
(1) Eragon(2) Eldest(3) Brisingr(4) Inheritance
Paratore, Colleen Murtagh(P223)
The Wedding Planner's Daughter (W)
(1) The Wedding Planner's Daughter (2) The Cupid Chronicles(3) Willa By Heart
Patterson, James(P3177)
Alex Cross (AC)
(1) Along came a spider(2) Kiss the girls(3) Jack and Jill(4) Cat and mouse(5) Pop goes the Weasel(6) Roses are Red(7) Violets are blue(8) Four blind mice(9) The big bad wolf(10) London Bridges(11) Mary, Mary(12) Cross(13) Double Cross(14) Cross Country
Patterson, James(P3177)
Daniel X (D)
(1) Dangerous Days of Daniel X (2) Watch the Skies(3) Demons and Druids(4) Game Over(5) Armageddon(6) Lights Out
Patterson, James(P3177)
Maximum Ride (MR)
(1) The Angel Experiment(2) School's Out -- Forever(3) Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports (4) The Final Warning(5) Max(6) Fang(7) Angel(8) Nevermore: the Final Maximum Ride Adventure(9) Maximum Ride Forever
Patterson, James(P3177)
When the Wind Blows (WB)
(1) When the Wind Blows(2) The Lake House
Patterson, James(P3177)
Witch & Wizard (WW)
(1) Witch & wizard(2) The Gift(3) The Fire(4) The Kiss(5) The Lost
Patterson, James(P3177)
Women's Murder Club (W)
(1) 1st to die(2) 2nd Chance(3) 3rd degree(4) 4th of July(5) 5th horseman(6) 6th target(7) 7th heaven(8) 8th Confession(9) 9th Judgement(10) 10th Anniversary(11) 11th hour(12) 12th of Never(13) Unlucky 13(14) 14th Deadly Sin (15) 15th Affair
Patti, Caroline (P321)
Into the Dark (ID)
(1) Into the Dark (2) Into the Light
Paul, Fiona (P3243)
Secrets of the Eternal Rose (ER)
(1) Venom(2) Belladonna(3) Starling
Paulsen, Gary(P332)
Brian's Saga (B)
(1) Hatchet(2) The River(3) Brian's Winter(4) Brian's Return(5) Brian's Hunt
Paulsen, Gary(P332)
Tucket (T)
(1) Mr. Tucket(2) Call Me Francis Tucket(3) Tucket's Ride(4) Tucket's Gold(5) Tucket's Home
Paver, Michelle(P337)
Chronicles of Ancient Darkness (C)
(1) Wolf Brother(2) Spirit Walker(3) Soul Eater (4) Outcast(5) Oath Breaker(6) Ghost Hunter
Pearson, Mary (P3621)
Dance of Thieves (DT)
(1) Dance of Thieves(2) Vow of Thieves
Pearson, Mary (P3621)
Remnant Chronicles (RC)
(1) The Kiss of Deception (2) The Heart of Betrayal(3) The Beauty of Darkness
Peet, John(P374)
Diadem (D)
(1) Book of Names(2) Book of Signs(3) Book of Magic(4) Book of Thunder(5) Book of Earth
Peet, Mal(P3757)
Paul Faustino (PF)
(1) Keeper(2) The Penalty(3) Exposure
Penn, Audrey(P410)
Blackbeard (B)
(1) Mystery of Blackbeard Cove(2) Blackbeard and the Sandstone Pillar
Penner, Jenetta(P4134)
Configured (C)
(1) Configured(2) Immersed(3) Actualized
Penner, Jenetta(P4134)
Spellcaster Academy (SA)
(1) Magical Realism (2) Dark Curse(3) Fire and Lightning(4) Shadow Pack (5) The Dying Realm
Penner, Jenetta(P4134)
Starfire Wars (S)
(1) Starfire(2) Dark Matter(3) Parallax(4) Zenith
Peretti, Frank(P4378)
Cooper Kids Adventures (C)
(1) The door in the Dragon's Throat(2) Escape from the Island of Aquarius(3) The Tombs of Anak(4) Trapped at the Bottom of the Sea(5) The Secret of the Desert Stone(6) The Deadly Curse of Toco-Rey(7) The Legend of Annie Murphy(8) Mayday at Two Thousand Five Hundred
Perez, Marlene(P4385)
Dead Is (D)
(1) Dead is the New Black(2) Dead is a State of Mind(3) Dead is So Last Year
Perkins, Stephanie(P4512)
Anna and the French Kiss (A)
(1) Anna and the French Kiss(2) Lola and the Boy Next Door(3) Isla and the Happily Ever After
Peterson, Tracie(P4858)
Shannon Saga (S)
(1) City of Angels(2) Angels Flight(3) Angel of Mercy
Peterson, Tracie(P4858)
Yukon Quest (Y)
(1) Treasures of the North(2) Ashes and Ice(3) Rivers of Gold
Pfeffer, Susan Beth(P524)
Life As We Knew It (L)
(1) Life As We Knew It(2) The Dead and the Gone
Philbrick, Rodman(P545)
Freak the Mighty (F)
(1) Freak the Mighty(2) Max the Mighty
Phillips, Michael(P5623)
Caledonia (C)
(1) Legend of the Celtic Stone(2) Ancient Strife
Pierce, Tamora(P618)
Beka Cooper (B)
(1) Terrier(2) Bloodhound(3) Mastiff
Pierce, Tamora(P618)
Circle of Magic (M)
(1) Sandry's Book(2) Tris's Book(3) Daja's Book(4) Briar's Book
Pierce, Tamora(P618)
Circle Opens (C)
(1) Magic Steps(2) Street Magic(3) Cold Fire(4) Shatterglass
Pierce, Tamora(P618)
Circle Reforged (CR)
(1) Will of the Empress(2) Melting Stones
Pierce, Tamora(P618)
Daughter of the Lioness (D)
(1) Trickster's Choice(2) Trickster's Queen
Pierce, Tamora(P618)
Immortals (I)
(1) Wild Magic(2) Wolf-Speaker(3) The Emperor Mage(4) The Realms of the Gods
Pierce, Tamora(P618)
Protector of the Small (P)
(1) First Test(2) Page(3) Squire(4) Lady Knight
Pierce, Tamora(P618)
Song of the Lioness (S)
(1) Alanna: The First Adventure(2) In the Hand of the Goddess(3) The Woman Who Rides Like a Man(4) Lioness Rampant
Pike, Aprilynne(P6351)
Wings (W)
(1) Wings(2) Spells(3) Illusions
Pike, Christopher(P6352)
Alosha (A)
(1) Alosha(2) The Shaktra (3) The Yanti
Pike, Christopher(P6352)
Remember Me (R)
(1) Remember Me(2) Remember Me 2
Poston, Ashley (P8586)
Once Upon a Con (O)
(1)Geekerella(2) The Princess and the Fangirl
Pratchett, Terry(P9122)
Discworld (YA Series) (D)
(1) The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents(2) The Wee Free Men(3) Hat Full of Sky(4) Wintersmith
Prevost, Guillaume(P9447)
Book of Time (B)
(1) Book of Time(2) Gate of Days
Preble, Joy(P9229)
Anastasia (A)
(1) Dreaming Anastasia(2) Haunted
Price, Susan(P9466)
Sterkarm (S)
(1) Sterkarm Handshake(2) Sterkarm Kiss
Prineas, Sarah(P9576)
Magic Thief (M)
(1) Magic Thief(2) Lost
Pullman, Philip(P9825)
His Dark Materials (D)
(1) Golden Compass(2) Subtle Knife(3) Amber Spyglass
Pullman, Philip(P9825)
Sally Lockhart (S)
(1) Ruby in the Smoke(2) Shadow in the North(3) Tiger in the Well