Author Last Name-V

Vandagriff, G.G.(V224)
Alexandra Campbell (C)
(1) Cankered Roots(2) Of Deadly Descent(3) Tangled Roots
Verne, Jules(V531)
Voyages Extraordinaires (V)
(1) Five Weeks in a Balloon(2) Voyages and Adventures of Captain Hatteras(3) Journey to the Center of the Earth(4) From the Earth to the Moon(5) In Search of the Castaways(6) Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea(7) Round the Moon(8) A Floating City(9) The Adventures of Three Englishmen and Three Russians in South Africa(10) The Fur Country(11) Around the World in Eighty Days(12) The Mysterious Island(13) the Survivors of the Chancellor(14) Michael Strogoff(15) Off On a Comet(16) Black Diamonds(17) Dick Sand, a Captain at Fifteen(18) The Begum's Millions(19) The Tribulations of a Chinaman in China(20) The Steam House(21) Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon(22) The Robinson Crusoe School(23) The Green Ray(24) Keraban the Inflexible(25) The Vanished Diamond(26) The Archipelago on Fire(27) Mathias Sandorf...(54) Invasion of the Sea
Voigt, Cynthia(V891)
Bad Girls (B)
(1) Bad Girls(2) Bad, Badder, Baddest(3) It's Not Easy Being Bad(4) Bad Girls in Love
Voigt, Cynthia(V891)
Kingdom (K)
(1) Jackaroo(2) On Fortune's Wheel(3) Wings of a Falcon(4) Elske
Voigt, Cynthia(V891)
Tillermans (T)
(1) Homecoming(2) Dicey's Song(3) Solitary Blue(4) Runner(5) Come a Stranger(6) Sons From Afar(7) Seventeen Against the Dealer