Author Last Name-E

Eckert, Allan W.(E1918)
Hawk's Hill (H)
(1) Incident at Hawk's Hill(2) Return to Hawk's Hill
Eddings, David(E212)
Belgariad: Prequels (B&M)
(1) Belgarath the Sorcerer(2) Polgara the Sorceress(3) The Rivan Codex
Eddings, David(E212)
Belgariad (B)
(1) Pawn of Prophecy (books 1-3 are in(2) Queen of Sorcery Belgariad Part I) (3) Magician's Gambit (4) Castle of Wizardry ( Books 4-5 are in (5) Enchanter's End Game Belgariad Part II )
Eddings, David(E212)
Elenium (E)
(1) The Diamond Throne(2) The Ruby Knight(3) The Sapphire Rose
Eddings, David(E212)
Mallorean (M)
(1) Guardians of the West(2) King of the Murgos(3) Demon Lord of Karanda(4) Sorceress of Darshiva(5) The Seeress of Kell
Edwards, Eve (E2633)
Lacey Chronicles (L)
(1) The Other Countess(2) The Queen's Lady (3) The Rogue's Princess
Elliot, J. W. (E462)
Archer of Heathland (AH)
(1) Deliverance(2)Betrayal(3) Vengeance (4) Chronicles
Erlick, Lance(E69)
Regina Shen (RS)
(1) Resilience(2) Vigilance(3) Defiance (4) Endurance
Evans, Richard Paul (E9288)
Michael Vey (MV)
(1) The Prisoner of Cell 25(2) Rise of the Elgen (3) Battle of the Ampere(4) Hunt for the Jade Dragon (5) Storm of Lightning(6) Fall of Hades(7) The Final Spark
Evans, Richard Paul (E9288)
The Walk (W)
(1) The Walk (2) Miles to Go (3) The Road to Grace(4) A Step of Faith(5) Walking on Water
Ewing, Amy (E952)
Lone City (LC)
(1) The Jewel(2) The White Rose(3) The Black Key
Ewing, Amy (E952)
Daughters of the Moon (D)
(1) Goddess of the Night(2) Into the Cold Fire(3) Night Shade(4) Secret Scroll(5) The Sacrifice(6) The Lost One(7) Moon Demon(8) Possession(9) The Choice(10) Talisman(11) The Prophecy(12) The Becoming(13) The Final Eclipse
Ewing, Amy (E952)
Sisters of Isis (I)
(1) The Summoning(2) Divine One(3) Enchantress (4) The Haunting
Ewing, Amy (E952)
Sons of the Dark (S)
(1) Barbarian(2) Escape(3) Outcast(4) Night Sun