Author Last Name-B

Bacigalupi, Paolo (B125)
Ship Breaker (S)
(1) Ship Breaker(2) The Drowned Cities(3) Tool of War
Baker, E.D.(B1674)
Fairy Wings (F)
(1) Wings(2) Fairy Lies
Baker, Kage(B1679)
Company (C)
(1) In the Garden of Iden(2) Sky coyote(3) Mendoza in Hollywood(4) The graveyard game(5) Black projects, white knights(6) The life of the world to come(7) The children of the company(8) The machine's child(9) Gods and pawns(10) Rude mechanicals(11) The sons of heaven(12) Not Less Than Gods
Balliett, Blue(B192)
Chasing Vermeer (C) aka Hyde Park
(1) Chasing Vermeer(2) The Wright 3(3) Calder Game
Banks, Anna (B2185)
Syrena Legacy (S)
(1) Of Poseidon(2) Of Triton(3) Of Neptune
Banner, Catherine(B2191)
The Last Descendents (LD)
(1) The Eyes of a King(2) Voices in the Dark (3) The Heart at War
Bardugo, Leigh (B247)
Grisha (G)
(1) Shadow and Bone(2) Siege and Storm (3) Ruin and Rising
Bardugo, Leigh (B247)
Nikolai (N)
(1) King of Scars
Bardugo, Leigh (B247)
Six of Crows (SC)
(1) Six of Crows(2) Crooked Kingdom
Barnes, Jennifer Lynn (B2613)
Debutantes (D)
(1) Little White Lies(2) Deadly Little Scandals
Barnes, Jennifer Lynn (B2613)
Fixer (F)
(1) The Fixer(2) The Long Game
Barnes, Jennifer Lynn (B2613)
The Naturals (N)
(1) The Naturals(2) Killer Instinct (3) All In (4) Bad Blood
Barron, T.A.(B2775)
Adventures of Kate (K)
(1) Heartlight(2) The Ancient One(3) The Merlin Effect
Barron, T.A.(B2775)
Great Tree of Avalon (G)
(1) Child of the Dark Prophecy(2) Shadows on the Stars(3) The Eternal Flame
Barron, T.A.(B2775)
Lost Years of Merlin (L)
(1) The Lost Years of Merlin(2) The Seven Songs of Merlin(3) The Fires of Merlin(4) The Mirror of Merlin(5) The Wings of Merlin
Barry, Dave(B279)
Peter and the Starcatchers (P)
(1) Peter and the Starcatchers(2) Peter and the Shadow Thieves(3) Peter and the Secret of Rundoon (4) Peter and the Sword of Mercy(5) The Bridge to Neverland
Batson, Wayne Thomas(B334)
Pirate Adventures (PA)
(1) Isle of Swords(2) Isle of Fire (3) Isle of Stars
Batson, Wayne Thomas(B334)
Door Within (D)
(1) The Door Within(2) The Rise of the Wyrm Lord(3) The Final Storm
Bauer, Joan(B3445)
Rules of the Road (R)
(1) Rules of the Road(2) Best Foot Forward
Bebris, Carrie(B387)
Mr. and Mrs. Darcy (D)
(1) Pride and Prescience(2) Suspense and Sensibility(3) North by Northanger(4) The Matters at Mansfield(5) The Intrigue at Highbury (6) The Deception at Lyme (7) The Suspicion at Sandition
Becker, Tom (B3963)
Darkside (D)
(1) Darkside(2) Lifeblood
Beddor, Frank (B398)
Looking Glass Wars (L)
(1) The Looking Glass Wars(2) Seeing Redd(3) ArchEnemy
Bell, Hilari(B4337)
Farsala (F)
(1) Fall of a Kingdom (formerly Flame)(2) Rise of a Hero (3) Forging the Sword
Bell, Hilari(B4337)
Knight and Rogue (R)
(1) The Last Knight(2) The Rogue's Home(3) Player's Ruse (4) Thief's War(5) Scholar's Plot(6) Lady's Pursuit
Bell, Hilari(B4337)
The Shield, Sword, and Crown (S)
(1) Shield of Stars(2) Sword of Waters(3) Crown of Earth
Bell, Ted(B4354)
Nick McIver (N)
(1) Nick of Time(2) The Time Pirate
Benway, Robin (B4791)
Also Known As (A)
(1) Also Known As (2) Going Rogue
Benz, Derek(B4794)
Grey Griffins (G)
(1) The Revenge Of The Shadow King(2) The Rise of the Black Wolf(3) The Fall of the Templar
Berk, Ari(B5121)
Undertaken (U)
(1) Death Watch(2) Mistle Child(3) Lych Way
Bertagna, Julie(B536)
Exodus (E)
(1) Exodus(2) Zenith(3) Aurora
Betancourt, Jeanne(B5622)
Three Girls in the City (T)
(1) Self-Portrait (2) Exposed(3) Black and White(4) Close-up
Bick, Ilsa J. (B5834)
Ashes (A)
(1) Ashes (2) Shadows(3) Monsters
Black, Chuck(B6272)
The Kingdom (K)
(1) Kingdom's Dawn(2) Kingdom's Hope(3) Kingdom's Edge(4) Kingdom's Call(5) Kingdom's Quest(6) Kingdom's Reign
Black, Holly (B6275)
Folk of the Air (FA)
(1) The Cruel Prince(2) The Wicked King (3) The Queen of Nothing
Black, Holly (B6275)
Modern Faerie Tales (F)
(1) Tithe(2) Valiant(3) Ironside
Black, Kat(B6276)
Book of Tormod (T)
(1) A Templar's Apprentice(2) A Templar's Gifts(3) A Templar's Destiny
Blackstock, Terri(B631)
Newpointe 911 (N)
(1) Private Justice(2) Shadow of Doubt(3) Word of Honor(4) Trial by Fire(5) Line of Duty
Blake, Elly (B6362)
Frostblood (F)
(1) Frostblood(2) Fireblood(3) Nightblood
Blake, Kendare(B6364)
Three Dark Crowns (TDC)
(1) Three Dark Crowns(2) One Dark Throne(3) Two Dark Reigns (4) Five Dark Fates
Block, Francesca Lia(B6516)
Weetzie Bat (W)
(pre) Pink Smog(1) Weetzie Bat(2) Witch Baby (3) Cherokee Bat and the Goat Guys (4) Missing Angel Juan(5) Baby Be-Bop(6) Necklace of Kisses
Booth, Martin(B7255)
Alchemist's Son (A)
(1) Doctor Illuminatus(2) Soul Stealer
Borrowman, Jerry (B7379)
'Til the Boys Come Home (T)
(1) Til the Boys Come Home(2) I'll be Seeing You(3) As Time Goes By(4) Home Again at Last
Bowler, Tim (B7872)
Blade (B)
(1) Playing Dead(2) Out of the Shadows(3) Fighting Back
Bowman, Erin (B7875)
Contagion (C)
(1) Contagion (2) Immunity
Bowman, Erin (B7875)
Taken (T)
(1) Taken (2) Frozen (3) Forged
Box, C.J. (B7886)
The Highway (H)
(1) Back of Beyond(2) The Highway(3) Badlands(4) Paradise Valley
Box, C.J. (B7886)
Joe Pickett (P)
(1) Open Season(2) Savage Run(3) Winterkill(4) Trophy Hunt(5) Out of Range(6) In Plain Sight(7) Free Fire(8) Blood Trail(9) Below Zero(10) Nowhere to Run(11) Cold Wind(12) Force of Nature(13) Breaking Point (14) Stone Cold(15) Endangered(16) Off the Grid(17) Vicious Circle(18) The Disappeared
Bracken, Alexandra(B7972)
Darkest Minds (DM)
(1) The Darkest Minds (2) Never Fade (3) In the Afterlight(4) The Darkest Legacy
Bracken, Alexandra(B7972)
Passenger (P)
(1) Passenger (2) Wayfarer
Bradbury, Ray(B7993)
Doug Spaulding (D)
(1) Dandelion Wine(2) Farewell Summer
Bradford, Chris(B7993)
Bodyguard (B)
(1) Recruit(2) Hostage(3) Hijack(4) Ransom(5) Ambush(6) Survival(7) Target(8) Traitor
Bradford, Chris(B7993)
Young Samurai (YS)
(1) Way of the Warrior(2) Way of the Sword (3) Way of the Dragon (4) Ring of Earth (5) Ring of Water (6) Ring of Fire (7) Ring of Wind(8) Ring of Sky (SE) The Way of Fire
Brashares, Ann(B8232)
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (S)
(1) Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants(2) Second Summer of the Sisterhood(3) Girls In Pants(4) Forever in Blue
Bray, Libba(B8272)
Diviners (D)
(1) The Diviners(2) Lair of Dreams(3) Before the Devil Breaks You(4) The King of Crows
Bray, Libba(B8272)
Gemma Doyle (G)
(1) A Great and Terrible Beauty(2) Rebel Angels(3) Sweet Far Thing
Brennan, Herbie(B8382)
Faerie Wars (F)
(1) Faerie Wars(2) The Purple Emperor(3) Ruler of the Realm(4) Faerie Lord(5) The Faeman Quest
Brennan, Sarah Rees(B8385)
Demon's Lexicon (D)
(1) The Demon's Lexicon(2) The Demon's Covenant(3) The Demon's Surrender
Brennan, Sarah Rees(B8385)
Lynburn Legacy (L)
(1) Unspoken(2) Untold(3) Unmade
Brewer, Heather(B8474)
Chronicles of Vladimir Tod (VT)
(1) Eighth Grade Bites(2) Ninth Grade Slays(3) Tenth Grade Bleeds(4) Eleventh Grade Burns(5) Twelfth Grade Kills
Brewer, Heather(B8474)
Slayer Chronicles (S)
(1) First Kill (2) Second Chance(3) Third Strike
Britain, Kristen(B86212)
Green Rider (G)
(1) Green Rider(2) First Rider's Call(3) High King's Tomb(4) Blackveil(5) Mirror Sight
Brooke, Lauren(B8722)
Heartland (H)
(1) Coming Home(2) After the Storm(3) Breaking Free(4) Taking Chances(5) Come What May(6) One Day You'll Know(7) Out of the Darkness(8) Thicker Than Water(9) Every New Day(10) Tomorrow's Promise(11) True Enough(12) Sooner or Later(13) Darkest Hour(14) Everything Changes(15) Love Is a Gift(16) Holding Fast(17) A Season of Hope(18) New Beginning(19) From This Day On (20) Always There
(SE) Holiday Memory
Brooks, Terry (B8737)
Dark Legacy of Shannara (DL)
(1) Wards of Faerie(2) Bloodfire Quest(3) Witch Wraith
Brooks, Terry (B8737)
Defenders of Shannara (D)
(1) The High Druid's Blade(2) The Darkling Child(3) The Sorcerer's Daughter
Brooks, Terry (B8737)
Fall of Shannara (F)
(1) The Black Elfstone(2) The Skaar Invasion (3) The Stiehl Assassin
Brooks, Terry (B8737)
Genesis of Shannara (G)
(1) Armageddon's Children(2) The Elves of Cintra(3) The Gypsy Morph
Brooks, Terry (B8737)
Heritage of Shannara (H)
(1) Scions of Shannara(2) Druid of Shannara(3) Elf Queen of Shannara(4) Talismans of Shannara
Brooks, Terry (B8737)
High Druid of Shannara (HD)
(1) Jaarka Ruus(2) Tanequil (3) Straken
Brooks, Terry (B8737)
Legends of Shannara (L)
(1) Bearers of the Black Staff (2) The Measure of Magic
Brooks, Terry (B8737)
Magic Kingdom of Landover (M)
(1) Magic Kingdom for Sale -- Sold(2) The Black Unicorn(2) Wizard at Large(4) The Tangle Box(5) Witches' Brew(6) A Princess of Landover
Brooks, Terry (B8737)
Shannara (S)
(1) Sword of Shannara(2) Elfstones of Shannara(3) Wishsong of Shannara(PRE) First King of Shannara
Brooks, Terry (B8737)
Voyage of the Jerle Shannara (V)
(1) Ilse Witch(2) Antrax(3) Morgawr
Brooks, Terry (B8737)
Word and Void (W)
(1) Running with the Demon(2) A Knight of the Word(3) Angel Fire East
Brown, Anne Greenwood (B87729)
Lies Beneath (L)
(1) Lies Beneath (2) Deep Betrayal (3) Promise Bound
Brown, Dan(B8791)
Robert Langdon (L)
(1) Angels and Demons(2) The Da Vinci Code(3) The Lost Symbol(4) Inferno (5) Origin
Brown, Teri (B8811)
Born of Illusion (B)
(1) Born of Illusion(2) Born of Deception
Buckley-Archer, Linda(B9244)
Gideon Trilogy(G)
(1) Gideon the Cutpurse(2) The Time Thief(3) The Time Quake
Buckley, MIchael (B9247)
Undertow (U)
(1) Undertow (2) Raging Sea (3) Heart of the Storm
Buffie, Margaret(B9297)
Watcher's Quest (W)
(1) The Watcher(2) The Seeker(3) The Finder
Burroughs, Edgar Rice(B9721)
Tarzan (T)
(1) Tarzan of the Apes(2) The Return of Tarzan(3) The Beasts of Tarzan(4) The Son of Tarzan(5) Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar(6) Jungle Tales of Tarzan(7) Tarzan the Untamed(8) Tarzan the Terrible(9) Tarzan and the Golden Lion (10) Tarzan and the Ant Men (11) Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle(12) Tarzan and the Lost Empire(13) Tarzan at the Earth's Core(14) Tarzan the Invincible(15) Tarzan the Triumphant(16) Tarzan and the City of Gold(17) Tarzan and the Lion Man(18) Tarzan and the Leopard Men(19) Tarzan's Quest(20) Tarzan and the Forbidden City(22) Tarzan and the Foreign Legion(23) Tarzan and the Madman(24) Tarzan and the Castaways
Butcher, A.J.(B9832)
Spy High (S)
(1) Mission One(2) Chaos Rising(3) The Serpent Scenario(4) The Paranoia Plot(5) Blood Relations(6) Annihilation Agenda