SheetsIE / Sheetgo Comparison

1 - Connection

A connection is created every time you link a sheet (tab) from a source spreadsheet to a destination spreadsheet. With SheetsIE you can create as many connections as you like. There is a limit for an individual spreadsheet run of 6 minutes (which is Google's limit for add-ons) but you can run separate SheetsIE jobs in as many spreadsheets as you like. There is a limit of 6 hours run time in one day

2 - Hourly Automatic Updates

In SheetsIE you can set a trigger to run every hour. If you want the job to run more often you can create multiple copies of the control spreadsheet and trigger it at different times. Hourly triggers usually run at the same time every hour starting from the time they were set so you can set up multiple copies of the spreadsheet and the job to run up to 4 times an hour.

3 - Consolidate from Folder

SheetsIE allows you to set up a job to import all the files from a folder using just one command line. Just put ALL in the source file name. SheetsIE will import from the specified folder all the files of the specified type. If you specify the destination tab all the files will be consolidated into that tab. If you leave the destination tab blank SheetsIE will create a new tab for each imported file.

4 - Import from Semi-Colon separated CSV files.

If the Spreadsheet Locale is set as European then CSV files will be saved using a semicolon as the separator SheetsIE will cope with these files you just need to specify that the source file is in this format.