Password Manager

To use this add on you must have admin rights on your domain.

This add-on is intended to be used in educational domains. It will enable teachers to reset their students' GSFE passwords through a form created by the domain's administrator.

The basic procedure is as follows

1 - Admin opens a new spreadsheet, installs the Add-on and runs Setup

2 - Setup adds 4 tabs to the spreadsheet and creates a new form

3 - Admin chooses which OUs can reset passwords (teachers) and which OUs can have their passwords reset (Students) and enters that information on the "Validation Settings" tab

4 - Admin shares the form URL with the teachers

5 - Teacher uses the form to reset passwords for individual students and tells the student the new password (this process takes about 30 seconds)

6 - System resets the password and teacher and student get a confirmation email (this takes less than 1 minute)

7 When the student signs in with the new password they are prompted to change it

Change a user password in 2 clicks