If you want to share data between sheets or different file types you can simply copy and paste or use Google’s inbuilt Import functions. Unfortunately those methods can be error prone and very time consuming and difficult to use, especially if you have large data sets to move. The SheetsIE add-on will make the process quicker and easier for you by allowing you to automate the Import and Export of data between files.

► Transfer data to and From Google Sheets

Connect your Google Sheets with other Google Sheets to create systems based on spreadsheets transferring data between sheets automatically on timed triggers or on demand.

► From CSV or TSV Files

With your CSV (Comma separated or Semicolon separated) or TSV (Tab separated) files in Google Drive, you can automatically import all data into your Google Sheets files..

► From Excel (XLS, XLSX, XLSM) Files

With your Excel files in Google Drive, automatically bring all of your spreadsheet data stored locally to your Google Sheets. Transfer cell formatting at the same time.

► Secure transfer

The data in your spreadsheets are transmitted directly between spreadsheet you manage. No data are are sent to external parties.

► Timed Transfers

Update connections between spreadsheets automatically (hourly, daily, weekly or monthly) at defined intervals without having to open your spreadsheets.

► Select data to transfer

You can transfer whole sheets at a time or specify blocks of cells within a sheet. Or you can use Google’s query language to select specific rows and columns to import.

► Email Notification

You can set up notification rules to have the add-on send email notification whenever data have been transferred.