Managing Guardians

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Managing Guardians

You can use Classroom Manager to track and manage Guardian invitations. You can create new Guardian invitations and remove guardians.

To manage guardian:

Select Classroom Manager>Admin Menu from the add-ons menu. That will open the sidebar

Select Domain Admin

Click on List Guardians - that will create a new sheet called Guardians - Layout shown below

All students will be listed together with any existing Guardian links

If a student has more than one guardian linked there will be one row for each Guardian/Student relationship

If a student has no Guardians linked they will appear only once.

Any outstanding invites will be shown as Pending

Inviting new guardians

To add a new guardian enter the email address in Column K for the appropriate student and put a Y in column P

f you want to invite more than one guardian for a student just insert a new row, copy the student details down and put a Y in Column P

Once you have added all the records click on Invite Guardians in the sidebar menu

Removing guardians

To remove a guardian or an outstanding invitation enter a Y ion column Q against the relevant record(s)

Then click on the remove guardians button in the sidebar