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Classes Menu

List - Will open a new window in which you can set various parameters to determine which classes to retrieve from Google Classroom

Add - This will add any new classes where you have added details to the sheet

Update - will update details about the class, You can only change data in the non-shaded columns and there must be a Y in the update column

Delete - will delete the class

Import Stdnt/tchr data

These buttons will import data about teachers and students in classes.

GSFE - will get data about teachers and students currently enrolled in Classrooms in Google Suite for Education

SIS - will import data from another spreadsheet. This is to allow you to import CSV files from your existing School Information System

Sync - will open a window where you can set parameters to sync the data between the SIS data and the GSFE data, It assumes that the SIS data is accurate and updates the GSFE data accordingly.

Students and Teachers Menu

There is a section for adding/removing students and adding/removing teachers the buttons in each section do the same thing.

Add - Will add students or teachers where details have been added to the appropriate sheet and a 'Y' has been added to the appropriate column.

Add Other - will add students or teachers who have been added to the OtherStaff OtherStudnts sheet.

Remove - will delete teachers or students where a Y has been entered into the delete column of the appropriate sheet.

Classroom Teachers Menu

This menu allows you to maintain the list of teachers in the classroom_teachers group. Only users in that group are able to act as teachers in Google Classroom.

List - will list all existing members

Add - will add new members

Delete - will remove members from the group

List from the classes menu will open the window on the right. You can leave all the text boxes empty to choose all the classes in your domain or you can enter data to filter the results. You can filter on Section, Classname, Owners' OUs, Owners' emails, Course State and Descrription heading.

Please note the add-on will return classes that include the terms you choose in the relevant field. So in the example shown it will include all classes which contain 17/18 in their classname. If I wanted to also retrieve classes from 16/17 I could put 17/18, 16/17 in the textbox. The final textbox allows you to specify whether you want to select classes that match ALL of the criteria entered or any of the criteria entered.

When you have entered your criteria you should press the GetClasses button to retrieve the classes. This process takes just over 5 minutes to search through the 1,300 classes in my domain.

Once the classes have been retrieved you can click on the button to retrieve the details of teachers and students enrolled in the selected classes. Those details will be placed in the gsfeTchrs and gsfeStdnts pages. The 'Get Students Numbers' button will just get the number of students enrolled in each of the selected classes - that detail is added to the gsfeCls page

SIS Settings video here