Accounts Manager

Cost is $99/year for the domain

Using The Add-on

The Add-on will allow you to use a Google Sheet to see key information about your users and to manage users in bulk. From creation of the accounts, to maintaining information about them and finally deleting their accounts.

With the add-on users with the appropriate admin rights will be able to do the following:

  • Create new users in bulk (and, at the same time, place them in the correct Org Unit and add information about them);

  • Suspend (and re-activate users);

  • Move cohorts of users into new Org Units;

  • Delete users;

  • Identify when users last logged in (or if they have never logged in)

  • Change user passwords in bulk and enforce password change

  • Schedule the creation of new accounts to be created on a date you specify

  • Automate the creation of new accounts by adding data from external sources (Click here for details)

You will be able to update the following fields of information about each user:

  • First name,

  • Surname,

  • Email address,

  • Work Phone,

  • Home Phone,

  • Mobile phone,

  • Work Address,

  • Home Address,

  • User Id,

  • User Title,

  • Department,

  • Cost Centre,

  • Org Unit,

  • Inclusion in the Global Contact Directory,

  • Suspended Status,

You can also see in the sheet- but not change - the following:

  • Whether they are Administrators,

  • Date the account was created,

  • Date the user last logged in,

  • their Google User Id,

  • whether they have enrolled in two step verification.

So that you can see for yourself how valuable and useful these features will be I am going to let you use them free of charge for 14 days. (Measured from your date of first use). You are not committing to anything by trying the features. You will only be charged if and when you decide to place a firm order.

After the 14 day trial period, if you want to continue to use it, the charge will be $99 per year.

(The cost is per organisation not per admin user)

If you click on the help link below you will find more guidance on using the new features including some how-to videos.

Please try out the new features, use the contact form on the website to let me know if there are any problems or if there are any features you think I should add.

How-To Videos

List all accounts

Create, Update, Delete Accounts

Accounts Manager Get Started.mp4
Accounts Manager - Create_Update_Delete user accounts.mp4

Add/Remove Images

Accounts Manager Images

Accounts Manager Add-on Guide

Accounts Manager Add-On V3