Create forms and quizzes quickly and easily using data in a spreadsheet.

With this sheets add-on you can:

  • Create a form/quiz using all the question types currently available in Google forms
  • import (and reuse) questions from forms you already own.
  • maintain a question bank; easily select questions from the bank to appear in your form and save questions from your existing forms into your question bank.
  • From the question bank you can export questions in a format suitable for importing to Kahoot, Socrative, Quizizz or Quizalize
  • Add validation rules
  • Add points value for quiz questions
  • Add feedback for quiz questions
  • Add form Navigation rules to send form responders to different sheets depending on their answers to multiple choice questions.
  • Create up to 1,000 choices for Multiple Choice, List, Checkbox and grid style questions. Select the choices from columns and/or rows on other sheets of your spreadsheet.
  • Create dynamic options list by automatically refreshing the options list on form submit (or every hour)


After the initial trial period

$25/year for an individual user

$50/year for an education domain

$200/year for a non-education domain

Exporting questions for Quizzes