Manage and Monitor Google Classroom
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Admins can oversee and manage all the classroom in the domain. Individual teachers can use Classroom Manager to manage their own classes.

Monitor Usage

Get reports on how teachers are using Classroom. Monitor how many assignments, announcements and materials posts are generated for each class in the domain. Track use over time. Check when users last logged in to Classroom. Monitor student submissions and grades.

Manage Classrooms and Owners

Create and deploy Classrooms for all the teachers in your domain. Archive and delete Classrooms as necessary and update class settings. Transfer Classroom ownership when staff move on or change role

Manage Teachers and Students

Add and remove teachers and students from any classroom. Transfer ownership of classes to new teachers. Create seating plans for your classes.

Automated Sync

Automate the addition and removal of students and teachers - automatically sync with data from your School Information System

Manage Guardians

List all guardians for all students. Add and remove guardians for all your students.

Drill Down to monitor grades

Dive deep into the data to see details of the assignments and announcements for individual classrooms. Get details of student submissions and grades for all assignments. Automate your reports.

The Classroom Manager add-on will allow admin users to manage all the Google Classroom Courses in their Domain and individual teachers to manage their own classes.

This add-on will allow users with appropriate admin rights to do the following:

  • get details of all existing classes in the domain (or just the classes for the individual teacher)

  • get details of all teachers and students associated with each course

  • Add (or remove) teachers and students to any class. Teachers can invite students and other teachers.

  • transfer course ownership to a different teacher

  • Update course details for the following fields: Course name; Course State; Description; Description Heading; Room

  • Also get the following information about each course: Creation date, OU group of the course owner; Classroom Link; Enrolment Code; whether or not the class is included in Guardians' email summaries

  • List all guardians for all students

  • Add and remove guardians for all students in the domain.

  • Sync data in Google Classroom about Teachers and Students with data taken from your School Information System

  • Schedule the sync process to update daily or weekly

  • Drill down to get details for individual classes of all assignments, announcements and material posts and see student submissions and grades

  • The reports page shows details of all the assignments and student submissions for all classes or selected classes across a date range

  • generate a slides file for any class to quickly and easily produce a seating plan.

Click on the links below to get information about getting started and about the various sidebar menus.


Classroom Manager is free to try for 7 days - that gives you access to all the features. After the trial period you can purchase a domain/admin licence which covers all the teachers in the domain. The price varies according to the number of students in the domain see below. An admin license covers all the admins and teachers in the domain..

You can install the add-on from this link