The Classroom Manager add-on will allow admin users to manage all the Google Classroom Courses in their Domain and individual teachers to manage their own classes.

This add-on will allow users with appropriate admin rights to do the following:

  • get details of all existing classes in the domain (or just the classes for the individual teacher)
  • get details of all teachers and students associated with each course
  • Admins can Add (or remove) teachers and students to any class. Teachers can invite students and other teachers.
  • Admins can transfer course ownership to a different teacher
  • Update course details for the following fields: Course name; Course State; Description; Description Heading; Room
  • Also get the following information about each course: Creation date, OU group of the course owner; Classroom Link; Enrolment Code; whether or not the class is included in Guardians' email summaries
  • Sync data in Google Classroom about Teachers and Students with data taken from your School Information System
  • Schedule the sync process to update daily or weekly
  • Drill down to get details for individual classes of all assignments and announcements.

Click on the links below to get information about getting started and about the various sidebar menus.

The add-on costs $99 per year for an admin/domain licence which covers all the teachers in the domain. If you want to install it just for an individual teacher it is $10 for the year. It is free to try for 14 days. You can install the add-on from this link

Classroom Manager Add-on

This add-on will enabled Super Admins to manage all the Google Classroom Courses in their domains or individual teachers to manage their own classes. You can edit various details of the domain's courses from a spreadsheet. This includes changing:

  • the course status,
  • name
  • and section
  • description
  • and room.
  • the course owner (only admins can do this)

You can also see how many students are associated with a course.

You can also get lists of teachers and students associated with a course. Admin users can add and delete teachers and students. Ordinary teachers can delete students and other teachers from their classrooms they can also invite students and other teachers to join the class. You can also schedule jobs to sync data about teachers and students of classes with data from your School Information System.

Once you have installed the add-on and setup the spreadsheet you can retrieve details of all existing courses. They are listed on the GSFEClasses page. On there you will see information about when each class was created; who the owner is (the column will be blank unless you are an admin user); the enrolment code whether or not Guardian emails have been enabled for the class. On that page you can also see and update the following class details: Course Name; Course Section; Course State; Course Description Heading; Course Description and Room. You can also get, for each course, numbers of students enrolled in the course. The add-on will also retrieve details of teachers and students attached to a class.

If you upload, to the spreadsheet, data from you School Information System you can also use the add-on to sync that data with the data in classroom. New classes will automatically be created where necessary and teachers and students automatically assigned to the appropriate classes.