Information about a specific class

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Specific Class

You can select any class, from those listed in the gsfeCls page, to get detailed information about it. You select a specific class by finding it from a list of the owner's classes.

How to get Details for Specific Class

Run the process to get a list of classes in gsfeCls

Go to the Coursework page

in cell A2, select the owner's email address (or type it in)

In cell B1, select the field you want to select on. Choose from Description Heading, Classname or course section

In cell B2 select the class from the drop down list

Course ID number will be pasted into Cell C2

Open Classroom Manager >> Admins Menu >> Individual Class

On this menu

Get Class Details - will retrieve details about the class -number of students, number of assignments , number of announcements

Get Task details - will get details of all Assignments and all announcements for the class