MTMOMK Add-ons

We develop low cost add-ons for Google Sheets to make life easier for teachers and for administrators of GSfE domains. Brief details of our add-ons are below . The links will take you to pages specifically designed to support your use of the the add-ons.

Form Maker

Create forms and quizzes quickly and easily using data in a spreadsheet.

Accounts Manager

Manage the user accounts in your domain. Create, delete, update, change passwords and more.


Automatically import csv files into a Google sheet. (And Excel, TSV, Open Office Files, Semicolon separated files)

Classroom Manager

Manage the Google Classroom Courses in your domain.

Password Manager

Admins can delegate rights to change student user passwords to staff without giving them admin rights.

Create forms and quizzes quickly and easily using data in a spreadsheet. With this sheets add-on you can

  • Create a form/quiz using all the question types currently available in Google forms
  • import (and reuse) questions from forms you already own.
  • maintain a question bank and easily select questions to appear in your form
  • Add validation rules
  • Add points value for quiz questions
  • Add feedback for quiz questions
  • Add form Navigation rules to send form responders to different sheets depending on their answers to multiple choice questions.

Admins can manage the user accounts in their domains

This add-on will allow you to use Sheets to see key information about your users and to manage user information in bulk. From creation of the accounts, to maintaining information about them and finally deleting their accounts.

With the add-on users with the appropriate admin rights will be able to do the following:

  • Create new users in bulk (and, at the same time, place them in the correct Org Unit and add information about them);
  • Suspend (and re-activate users);
  • Move cohorts of users into new Org Units;
  • Delete users;
  • Identify when users last logged in (or if they have never logged in)
  • Change user passwords in bulk and enforce password change

Allows admin users to manage Google Classroom Courses in their domains and allows teachers to do the same for their own classes.

This add-on will allow users with appropriate admin rights to do the following:

  • get details of all existing classes in the domain
  • get details of all teachers and students associated with each course
  • Add (or remove) teachers and students to any class
  • Transfer course ownership to a different teacher
  • Update course details for the following fields: Course name; Course State; Description; Description Heading; Room
  • Also get the following information about each course: Creation date, OU group of the course owner; Classroom Link; Enrolment Code; whether or not the class is included in Guardians' email summaries
  • Sync data in Google Classroom about Teachers and Students with data taken from your School Information System
  • Schedule the sync process to update daily or weekly

This lets you automatically import csv files into a Google sheet. If you have legacy programs which regularly generate csv files this add-on allows you to automatically import the data into your sheet.

You can set it up to replace the data in the sheet or to add it to the bottom of the sheet. You can setup your import job in a few minutes and after that leave it to run without any intervention from you.

Admins can delegate rights to change student user passwords to non-admin teachers

This add-on creates a form that you can share with your teachers to allow them to reset passwords for students. The change takes about 10 second. All changes are recorded in a spreadsheet showing when those changes were made and by whom.