Since this is folk dancing, our version of the tunes may differ from yours.

The dance is listed first and then then tune(s) we use with it. Stick dances are marked with an asterisk(*).

Standard Set:

Special Dances:

Some Upcoming Dances:

These are some dances I hope we'll be working on in the near future.

Other Tunes:

Here are some tunes for dances we have done in the past but aren’t actively dancing at the moment.

  • Blue Bells of Scotland: Blue Bells of Scotland (mp3)*

  • Shropshire Bedlam Stick Dance: The Girl I Left Behind Me

  • Waltzing Matilda: Waltzing Matilda (mp3, slower)

  • The Cuckoo’s Nest (mp3)

  • Lads A Bunchum (mp3)

  • Old Molly Oxford in the Key of D (mp3) NOTE: Most of our dances are in the Key of G, but this one is D.

  • Seaside Shuffle (mp3)