NOTE: This dance is usually called “Skirmishing” or “Skirmishes.” But not by our team.

Tradition: Adderbury

Music: Lillibulero (mp3)

Set: 6 dancers (not 4)

Props: Sticks

Stepping: Double

Figures: Standard Adderbury, each followed by a chorus

  • Foot Up & Up
  • Half Gyp
  • Process Down
  • Process Up
  • Hands Round
  • Adderbury Hey


  • All dancers turn Right and strike Up (Forehand) then Down (Backhand) with the person they find.
  • REPEAT until the phrase runs out (16 beats; 8 turns to the right).


  • On the first turn, 1st Corners (1 and 6) strike and those separated by the 1st Corners (2 and 4 and 3 and 5) strike. Here is how that works:
    • 1 and 6 strike
    • 2 and 4 strike
    • 3 and 5 strike
  • There are only three people you clash with in the chorus.
  • Each figure ends with a clash. When the chorus begins, you clash with the next person in sequence.
  • Each chorus rotates the set by 1/6th. With six figures, it goes fully around once.
  • For “Procession Down” and “Procession Up,” cues are often used to help the dancers. The musicians typically move around the set to indicate which position is “Up” (i.e., the direction where the musician is). The caller may also name the dancers who begin the procession.
    • In practice, Procession Down will be initiated by dancers 3 and 5, who will then be joined by dancers 1 and 6.
    • Process Up will be initiated by dancers 1 and 2, who will then be joined by dancers 3 and 4.


  • FINISH: The final clash of the last chorus is Up rather than Down.