Won't You Join Us?

Are you interested in joining us?

Moreton Bay Fig Morris is open to all who meet these strict requirements:

  1. You must be a primate.
  2. You must have a pulse.

Good physical condition is a plus. A taste for good English ale is not a requirement, but a lack thereof will cause you miss out on the labours of the excellent brewers amongst our membership.

We welcome newcomers and experienced dancers, as well as musicians. Partners are not required.

If you have any questions about morris, would like to learn these dances, or are interested in asking us to perform at your event, come by one of our rehearsals on Tuesday nights, or send e-mail to Jimmy at Squire@MoretonBayFig.org or call (619) 459-1501.


We practice every Tuesday night from 7:30 to 9:00 pm in the War Memorial Building in San Diego’s historic Balboa Park. If we’ve been dancing hard all weekend, we may also give practice a miss. It’s best to check if this will be your first visit. Here is a map to the War Memorial Building. Listen for sound of melodeons, fiddles, and bells.