We revived the dance called Muddled by adapting it to the Duns Tew tradition.

Tradition: Duns Tew

Set: 4 dancers

Props: Hankies (tied in loops)

Stepping: Double (always starting with Right foot)


(See below for explanation of figures.)

  • Foot Up and Over (varies; simplest: Foot Up and Up)

  • Face to Face

  • Hey

  • Cross and Turn

  • Rounds


  • Actives: Up step 4 times, turning 90 degrees in center of set.

  • Inactives mirror actives with stepping in place onto Right foot and pushing up Right hand, then (4 beats later) onto Left foot and pushing with Left hand.

  • All do 2 double steps clockwise and Huckleback retreat to re-form the set, rotated 1/4 (90 degrees) degrees clockwise.


  • Hankies are tied in loops, with the knot at the finger.

  • The default position for the hankies is on one’s shoulders.

  • Hucklebacks are done this way: Start by using the Right foot to strike the Left (like Newton’s Cradle) and then hopping twice on Right foot to face needed direction, then Feet Together, Jump.

  • FINISH: Caper In (4 steps) and Show (with hankies).

Explanation of Figures:

  • Foot Up and Over:

    • Double step forward, sharp turn Right on hop

    • Double step forward, sharp turn Right on hop

    • Huckleback backwards.

  • Face to Face:

    • Right shoulder pass and Turn to Face partner, then Huckleback backwards.

    • REPEAT (2nd time also passing Right shoulder).

  • Hey:

    • Inactives (2 and 3) surge forward, passing Left shoulders, and turn to face the Actives (1 and 4).

    • All begin a diagonal figure 8, passing Right shoulders on the ends and Left shoulders in the middle.

    • Finally, all Huckleback to starting place.

  • Cross and Turn:

    • Pass Right shoulder, turn Right on hop.

    • Dance forward 1 doublestep.

    • Huckleback retreat to lines.

  • Rounds:

  • In a circle, dance 1 double step clockwise, turn around on 2nd double step, Huckleback backwards (still clockwise)

  • Then dance 2 double steps counter-clockwise, and Caper In 4 steps and Show hankies.